Content Curation Experiment
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I'm toying with a content curation experiment I've dreamed up. Here it is, short and sweet.

I have a list of keywords I want to write about. You know, simple content market stuff.

Each day, I will write a post on this website, based on the following exercise:

I take a keyword phrase and search for it in Google. I take the most compelling result on the first page of the SERPs (search engine results pages) and write about it.

Of course, I quote a snippet from that website and link back to it. I may even go over to that site's post and make a comment.

I will probably choose a blog on that first page of the SERPs, simply because I have the chance at a pingback and/or some interaction with the website's owner.

My initial thoughts are that I start this in May and do it for the whole month–that way, I get 31 blog posts out of it, establish a routine and consistency, and get some real solid data back from the endeavor.



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