How to Download a Wistia Video File

How to download a Wistia video, explained

In this short video tutorial, I will show you how to download a Wistia video.

I have tried this on a number of videos, both ON Wistia and off, including on some Click Funnel sites. I'm not telling you this so that you can do anything nefarious.

The reason I sought to learn how to download a Wistia video is because I got an email from a person I bought an infoproduct from – it was a webinar replay that he was taking down in the next 24 hours and I knew I would not have time to watch it.

So downloading the video became a prime objective.

Here's how I did it. Now, this example is using a video right off Wistia. It is NOT the video I wanted to download. Rest assured though, that I got the video I was looking for. Now, I can watch it at my leisure.

Step 1: Right-click Wistia video and copy the link.

Step 2: Paste that code into a notepad (text) editor like so:

<p><a href=”“><img src=”×540&image_play_button=1&image_play_button_color=26d98ae0″ width=”400″ height=”225” style=”width: 400px; height: 225px;”></a></p><p><a href=”″>Brandwagon – A Wistia Original Series</a></p>

Step 3: Find the entry for “wvideo”. In this case, it's mgj008fjp0

Step 4: Paste that into this URL:

So here, it would be:

Step 5: Type/paste this into a browser tab URL address:


Step 6: Find “.bin” Copy/paste that URL into a new browser tab. Change the .bin to .mp4. Press Enter.

Step 7: Download it by right-clicking and “Save Video as…”

That's it! Enjoy.

Email Marketing Guide for Beginners

Email is an indispensable communication tool for our business. This is because it is a free, fast and reliable form of communication that is accessible to everyone with an internet connection. It allows users to foster and build lasting relations irrespective of distances with both prospects and customers.

E-mail is most widely used as a prospect conversion and customer retention. E-mail can particularly be an effective push for your online communications outreach. It comes in handy for customer retention as it can help in targeted email campaigns where your message can be pushed out to customers to inform and remind. As a two-way form of communication, it is valuable to gather feedback and prompt actions from your audience.

Source: Email Marketing Guide for Beginners – Small Business Trends

How to Let Your Subscribers Mute Your Emails

Give your subscribers the freedom to choose what content they want by letting them “mute” your emails.

Not every subscriber will be as excited as you are about your new product, promotion, event ⏤ or whatever cool new thing you’re ready to share. Until now, they’ve only had two choices: ignore your emails or unsubscribe. But there’s a third option: 

Let them “mute” your promotional emails. 

Instead of unsubscribing from ALL of your emails, subscribers can choose to mute those particular emails, and still continue to receive other emails from you. 

This allows you to send to subscribers who actually want to receive those particular emails. You’ll likely see higher open and click rates, increased conversion rates, and more revenue generated from this targeted audience. 

Simply include a “mute” button or link in your emails.

Then, using AWeber’s broadcast automations, apply a tag to any subscriber that clicks the “mute” link or button. You can then exclude subscribers with the tag from future broadcasts about that particular topic or promotion. 

Watch this 8-minute video to learn how to add a “mute” button or link to your emails, and create a segment of interested subscribers.

Traffic Profits

Image by John Howard from Pixabay

I've been at this “internet marketing” deal for a LONG time (since about 1997).

I've learned tons over the years. Many things have emerged and a lot has changed.

But there's one thing that really hasn't and that's C–>T–>P–>M.

In order to be a successful marketer, you need a few “basics,” and these basics cover the following:

  • Content
  • Traffic
  • Pre-selling (or just plain selling), and
  • Monetization

If you want to be a successful internet marketer, you need a few things.

You need a blog, webhosting, and a domain name. Get an email service provide like Aweber and collect email addresses of your visitors.

You need to publish content. A LOT of content. It can be on your website, but it can also be in Facebook groups and pages, YouTube, your email marketing, LinkedIn, Twitter, you name it.

Once you have that continuous content creation routine in place, you need to drive traffic to it so people can consume it.

A lot of your traffic-driving comes simply from the content creation itself, in terms of SEO. Google WILL pick up your content, index it, and run it through its algorithm. If your content is good, it will get ranked in the top 10.

But you still would be wise to drive your own traffic to your content because you should never put all your eggs in the Google basket.

Your content, of course, should not just be informational. It should “ask for the sale” or–at the very least–“pre-sell” the sales page you're about to send them to (if an affiliate offer).

And, of course, that “selling” should result in money. Revenue. It's why you do what you do.

This ain't no hobby. It's a business and you must treat it as such.

Part of any business–a big part–is selling. There is no way around it.

Which brings me to today's offer: Traffic Profits. This VERY INEXPENSIVE course will teach you how to drive traffic to your content so that you can monetize it and build a profitable internet business.

Forty pages of no-fluff, quality traffic-driving content, strategies, and tactics that will get people to your site. THEN you can sell 'em something.

Traffic Profits will show you over 100 ways to drive free traffic to your site. It covers content syndication to sites like Quora and Medium (HUGE traffic-generators, if done right).

All in all, this is an indispensable traffic-getting resource. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Once you learn how to drive traffic to all of your offers & content, you will never eat pork ‘n beans again (only if you want to–and that makes you a sick sick person, IMHO).

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