The Easiest Ways to Open a Can Without a Can Opener

I’m sure I would have thought of this given, you know, the HUNGER…but carry a damned can opener with you if you have cans to eat out of, you SAVAGE! (And speaking of TOOLS, check this out.) One basic rule of life is that everything is easy with the proper tools, and nearly impossible without Keep Reading!

schedule Instagram stories with Publer

You can now schedule Instagram Stories with Publer

It’s a wrap! You can FINALLY schedule Instagram stories using Publer! Yay!!! Here is an extensive guide on how (and why) you need to schedule Instagram Stories right now! Without a doubt, Instagram has become a fully-fledged social media powerhouse by successfully combining features that make today’s social media world. Originally a photo-sharing social network, Instagram Keep Reading!

85 Fill-in-the-Blank Blog Title Templates to Steal [Infographic]

This is a pretty nifty infographic for simple fill-in-the-blank blog title templates. Are you struggling to think of effective titles for your blog posts? Looking for some fill-in-the-blank post title templates you can swipe for your blog? The team from Conversion Minded share their blog post title ideas in this infographic. They break things down as Keep Reading!

YouTube Seeks to Monetize Shorts

Will this harm or hinder TikTok and/or Instagram? I doubt it, but when the 800-pound video gorilla weighs in, you have to consider the ramifications. Could this be a killer blow for TikTok and its short-form video leadership? That might sound like an extreme take, but YouTube, via YouTube Shorts, is ramping up its pitch Keep Reading!

How To Use HARO For Link Building And PR

By replying to reporters and bloggers, HARO helps you create relevant backlinks and exposure. With the right techniques, Help a Reporter Out (HARO) can help you build links and brand awareness for PR efforts, regardless of your industry. The HARO platform, which PR/Communications giant Cision owns, connects information-seeking journalists with relevant sources willing to provide Keep Reading!