video transcription

Video Transcripts Help Boost Your SEO, Here’s How – Neil Patel

Researching keywords, optimizing your website, measuring the results, and tweaking your strategy are the fundamentals everyone should take to heart if they want to increase their leads and enhance their conversion rates. However, we aren’t discussing any of that today. Instead, I’ll explain how to use video transcripts to boost your SEO efforts. This method Keep Reading!

passive income

31 Legit Passive Income Ideas To Stop Trading Time for Money in 2022

Most “passive income ideas” posts just repeat the same boilerplate ideas—open a high interest savings account, for example. And yes, that will earn you a small amount of passive income, but my guess is you’re looking for something a little more substantial. In this post, I’ll: Share my own actual passive income streams. Present other Keep Reading!

google search operators


19 advanced Google search operators you need to know

Google search is a powerful tool in and of itself. You can use it to find anything, but did you know that you can use it to get specific results as well? If you are looking to enhance your search engine marketing efforts, you need to know about advanced Google search operators. With the right search Keep Reading!

podcast history

Podcast History – Adam Curry & Dave Winer

A brief walk down podcast history… The term “podcasting” was coined in 2004 by journalist Ben Hammersly in a newspaper article for The Guardian. He was writing about the potential for a boom in amateur radio, arguing that the ingredients were all there: blogging – popular, production software – cheap, and MP3 players – all Keep Reading!

Elon Musk and Twitter battle over Signal messages

Elon Musk and Twitter are now fighting about Signal messages | Engadget

Elon Musk’s private messages could once again land him in hot water in his legal fight with Twitter. Lawyers for the two sides once again faced off in Delaware’s Court of Chancery ahead of an October trial that will determine the fate of the deal. Among the issues raised in the more than three-hour long Keep Reading!