The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

Note that the title is an homage to the late, great Tom Petty…RIP.

I guess a change in environment really can upset your immune system (among other things).

While the move has been great, for the most part, Liam and I both did catch a cold, and along with it, a nasty lingering mostly dry cough that seems to be at its best in the middle of the night.

So we've had a few sleepless nights and days off to recoup.

It has rained often here the past week or so. More again tomorrow. But yesterday, oh man, was it beautiful! Take a look–

That picture is a demonstration that with beauty comes sacrifice. Often, you can't see the mountain. It's covered in clouds. And it rains a lot.

But when she does poke her head out, she's amazing.

Just like life itself–sometimes, you have to sacrifice and wait for the beauty to expose itself.

Part of enjoying beauty and wonder is the anticipation. It's why the bride isn't seen until she walks down the aisle.

There is something very special about the wait.

​Make it a great day! Gobble it up. And relish the wait.

Have You Written a Book Yet?

write a book

You have one in you. What's stopping you?

That was a reply I got from one of my loyal subscribers.

Somebody I know personally.

I've got that question a lot.

And I guess the question begs an answer…

Yes, I have. You can find them here.

But I guess that question really may mean two things. (Or more, there's always more, right?)

  1. The reader didn't know I'd written books.
  2. The reader knew I'd written those books but what she really meant is she'd like to see me write a book that isn't “how-to” but rather more meaningful, philosophical, introspective, evergreen, funny, etc. (insert your own adjectives here).

So…as I responded to her email personally (I always do, unless you fall prey to my occasional email purge), yeah, it's time.

In that light, I have a question for you:

What would you like to see me write?

That's a serious question. And I know, asking hundreds of people this question will get many answers. (And a lot more non-replies–why don't you love me enough to comment on my posts? Heck, I'd be happy if you just read them.)

So, what's it going to be? Tell me the book topic you want me to write about.


And don't forget: Make it a great day!

Why You Should Be Using an Editorial Calendar

use an editorial calendar for your content marketing campaigns

Using an editorial calendar will help your content marketing efforts

What Is An Editorial Calendar?

An editorial calendar is used by bloggers, publishers, businesses, and groups to control publication of content across different media.

We are specifically talking about blogging at the moment but using an editorial calendar can (and should) be applied to social media as well as other channels like newspapers, magazines, and email newsletters.

Why Use an Editorial Calendar?

According to Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute, “…(editorial calendars) are utterly critical for any content marketing program to be successful.”

  • Why? Content marketing is a long-term play that requires a strategy, planning, and follow through. An editorial calendar helps with the planning, follow through, and tracking of your content marketing efforts.
  • In short, you lay out a plan and then schedule blog posts to accomplish the goals of the plan.
  • Without an editorial calendar, your content marketing approach looks like “spray and pray” rather than a well thought-out plan.
  • Bloggers are notorious for this haphazard approach, myself included.
  • An editorial calendar helps immensely with planning, but also in tracking progress and results.

Best Practices with an Editorial Calendar

  • Create a content marketing plan.
  • Use the Editorial Calendar spreadsheet (link  — sorry, password-protected, only for my Mastermind members).
  • Plan around holidays and special events in your niche.
  • Include “mini content marketing” campaigns in your plan.
  • Use a WordPress plugin to assist.

Here's the full presentation:

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