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We've barely scratched the surface of what Artificial Intelligence can do. This page will be continually updated with new resources as I find, develop, and test them. Come back often. You should only have to sign up once.

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How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

I developed a ChatGPT prompt called How to write the perfect blog post."

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I am developing a tool that will allow you to generate ChatGPT prompts by supplying a single "seed phrase." 

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ChatGPT Pro Waitlist

Yes, OpenAI has a waitlist you can sign up for to get ChatGPT Pro. Click here (external link to a Google form they are using).

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Cutting-edge ChatGPT prompts

ChatGPT Prompt - How to write the perfect blog post. NOTE that this prompt has changed from what I demonstrated in the YouTube video above. 

I will be modifying this doc from time to time as I uncover more effective & efficient ways to write blog posts.

UPDATED PROMPT - Use this one. It's better than the last one.