Backlinks in 2023 Do they still matter

SEO today is more complex and challenging than at any other point.

Once upon a time, not too long ago, links were the most important thing in SEO.

But is that still true?

This article will examine the significance of link SEO today. It will include various perspectives within the industry, analyze empirical evidence and consider Google’s recent statements and updates on the role of links in their ranking algorithms.

Links matter. The volume and quality of external links to a webpage can influence its search rankings.

Beyond the number of links, other factors that play a role include:

Link diversity (do your links come from multiple sites?).




Technical aspects and Google’s preference for editorial (non-paid) links further impact effectiveness.

Links create PageRank, which helps elevate keyword rankings. Although Google no longer shows PageRank publicly, it still influences its algorithm.

How much? Opinions vary. Some believe PageRank is crucial, while others think its importance is all but dead.

Source: How important are backlinks in 2024?


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