The Practical Profits Seminar is over. Today was day 2. Here are the highlights:

  • Wil Mattos gave us a TON of great info about running webinars. Pretty much if you don't know how to do a webinars now, you either weren't there, weren't paying attention, or you're completely stupid. Seriously. It was really that good. Look for some webinars here now, thanks to Wil.
  • James J Jones ("Triple J," my new nickname for him) delivered a not-so-stunning presentation on list marketing. I don't mean that to sound negative – it was really very good. And if you know James, that's his method. In fact, I think it's the low-key tone that he epitomizes that endears his fans to the levels they do. Very good content from a list building and marketing master. Here's a super tip: Use a calendar to map out your email promos. According to Triple J, that's what's worked for him, and I'm inclined to follow the leader.
  • Jason Fladlien gave a great talk about simple, easy, and effective (PROFITABLE) article writing and repurposing. He's the polar opposite of Jones, but they're both highly successful internet marketers. Just goes to show you that YOU don't have to be like THEM in order to succeed.

And that's really the point driven home over the course of the last 2 days: Be yourself, develop your own style and methods, but certainly "borrow" snippets here and there from the smart marketers.

I also want to mention that the guys really delivered on the promise. The VIP dinner the night before didn't go according to plan (I don't know what the plan was, so I can't say what went wrong) and those of us in attendance weren't able to sit one on one with any of the presenters like we were supposed to.

Jason announced in the morning that we were going to get one hour with them after lunch today and that's what happened. Kudos to the entire Practical Profits team. They really delivered on the promise and 100 of us really appreciate it!

Thanks to the following folks:

Thanks again, you guys did a great job.

Now, don't go raising the price for next year! Unless you're inviting me to speak! 🙂

Then make it $997 to join. I want one-seventh 🙂 Who we gonna kick out?


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