Today was day 1 of the Practical Profits Seminar, featuring speakers, in order:

The Rhodes brothers had a very cerebral presentation about building "Automatic Profit Machines" that was very powerful. I suggest that anybody beginning an online marketing career get familiar with their stuff. The main idea is that you build websites using WordPress that are tightly-focused on profitable keywords and keyphrases. Find out what converts and what doesn't. Do MORE (10x) of the sort of stuff that works well and dump the stuff that doesn't.

It's a version of the "rinse and repeat" model.

Rachel Rofe did a fine presentation on outsourcing. She is a breath of fresh air: Mild mannered, unassuming, really nice, and very attractive. But more importantly, she knows her stuff! Her presentation opened my eyes to a world of opportunity: I'm one of those "I gotta do all this stuff myself" kinda guys and she brought to my attention that maybe I don't have to.

Really. Good. Information.

Tim Castleman, as I'm getting used to, brought down the house. He's funny, successful, and has his own style. He is an offline marketing sensation. He also is very well-versed in online marketing. The guy is a powder keg.

His presentation went over by – I don't know – A FREAKING HOUR! – and it was totally jam-packed with actionable information.

Each presentation was to last about 90 minutes. His lasted at least 2 1/2 hours.

At the end of the day, a dozen or so participants got to get up in the "hot seat" to ask a question of the panel, who got 5 minutes total to answer. This was a very good idea! Lots of great, off-the-top-of-your-head advice was given here.

Now, I am going to dinner with the gurus! This should be fun.

Tomorrow should be a humdinger with Jason Fladlien, James Jones, and Wilson Mattos presenting. I'm especially looking forward to learning about webinars and list-building.


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