Practical Profits Live 2011 Las Vegas Day 1Day 1 of the Practical Profits LIVE 2011 in Las Vegas seminar is in the can.

Wil Mattos gave us some awesome information on how to build a business rather than just “making money online.” He emphasized setting goals, making plans, tracking progress, and executing. Good stuff that most of us internet marketing types neglect to put much thought into.

Jay Boyer told us his story of how he went from “Zero to Hero” in 20 short months. Actually, Jay sold himself short. I remember Jay from last year, where he got raked over the coals for having never done anything with an interview series he had done. I think he sat on it for about 4 months before the Practical Profits leadership kicked him in the ass to get the job done.

Now he's making in excess of $20,000 a month. Super inspiring.

Jason Fladlien gave his usual machine-gun-style lecture. This time, he talked about something that he's probably the best at: Productivity. Massive productivity. Anyone in this business ought to buy his course, “Double Your Productivity for Life.” It's really no joke. He's the master.

Tim Castleman gave his usual jaw-dropping yet content-filled talk. Lots of awesome advice on how to set yourself up for passive and residual income through affiliate marketing. I think this may have been the best information (i.e., most immediately actionable) of the day.

Rachel Rofe told us how to get massive exposure through “traditional media,” while breaking all of our hearts by telling her harrowing childhood story of physical and mental abuse and how she broke out of it. Very moving. She opened herself up, became totally vulnerable, and showed us all some real bravery and perseverance. I'll never think of “transformation” in the same way again–EVER.

Finally, James Jones showed us an awesome way to build small stream of income by using expired domains. This one was a gem as well. You could literally take this one to the bank, right now.

We also were able to participate in a pretty cool “speed networking” session, where each of us sat face to face with our fellow Practical Profits participants, told them what we did, what we planned on doing, and why we were here, while they reciprocated. Got to meet a lot of fascinating and smart people last night.

Kind of overwhelming though to have it go on for 2 hours. Brain was mush when I was done 🙂

Day 2 is today. John Rhodes is up first, followed by Keith Dougherty, Zane Miller, and Brian Johnson.


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