Welcome to the August 9, 2011 edition. Sorry that I've gotten behind with this.

Jack Lango presents Website Video Production Create Visual Content For Your Website posted at Got Business Cards, saying, “Creating quality video to promote your online business and website is vital today. There are several tools that will help in producing great online video.”

Melanie Slaugh presents 10 Internet Sites for Stay at Home Dads posted at Internet Service Providers.

Ted presents Good Customer Service Skills All Customer Facing Staff Need | Authority Articles posted at Authority Articles, saying, “Problem solving, responsiveness to concerns and a willingness to exert energy are important skills for all customer service personnel.”

Linda Bond presents 3 Most Common Affiliate Mistakes | Build Online Businesses Now posted at Build Online Businesses Now, saying, “Learn how to avoid affiliate marketing overload by avoiding these top 3 common mistakes.”

Mitesh Solanki presents Ten Myths About Internet Marketing posted at Internet Marketing Tactics.

malcolm presents The Importance Of Systems Thinking | NonTraditional Success posted at NonTraditional Success, saying, “Start using systems thinking to examine your systems and explore the implications that this kind of thinking can open up in your life.”

Jeff Bode presents Set Up A High Quality Website In 2 Hours Or Less posted at Marketing Online X, saying, “Find out how to set up an entire website quickly and have it looking great even if it's a specialized website. Using this simple step by step process you'll be faster than you were before at setting up great websites.”

Tips For Using Videos For Killer Conversion posted at Internet Home Business Opportunities, saying, “Video marketing the powerful tool for online business. People like to see visuals of the product they want to buy. Visual presentation will bring in more conversions.”

Spartak presents What is done only by 1 minute in internet posted at Assorium.

Serene Hitchcock presents Stop Struggling and Start Living! posted at earncasheveryday.

Less Known But Powerful Blog Traffic Generating Tips posted at Internet Home Business Opportunities, saying, “In the end the internet marketing success is shown in the traffic volume. A good website is of no use when there is no traffic. Know the powerful traffic generating tips to reap profits from your site.”

David presents Best HostGator Coupon Code July 2011 posted at Best HostGator Coupon Codes 2011.

Subhash Chand presents Customer Acquisition through Social Media posted at Emanuel Fernandes, saying, “Customer acquisition has always been an important aspect of a whole marketing strategy and this can be done more effectively and efficiently through various social media channels. These channels have really changed the way brands promote their products and services online.”

Tracy Miller presents 40 Revolutionary iPad Apps for Homeowners posted at Insurance Quotes Blog, saying, “Buying and owning a home can be an amazing experience, and a great investment to boot, but that doesn't mean homeownership is always a walk in the park”

Juliet Jones presents 10 Most Disruptive Computer Viruses in Internet History posted at Business Insurance, saying, “A problem that predates the internet, the first virus was created 40 years ago, setting forth a problem that has grown with our dependence on computers.”

What is Local Search? posted at Local Bend, saying, “Local search is becoming an increasingly important way for businesses to market themselves on the internet.”

Brittney presents Streaming Video You Better Get to Know the VPAA posted at Information Law RSS Feed, saying, “If you operate a website that streams video, chances are you’re not familiar with the Video Privacy and Protection Act of 1988, 18 U.S.C. §2710 (VPPA). Recently there has been a series of lawsuits alleging violations of the VPPA involving how website operators store user programming history. Contact us with additional questions or to request an audit.”

Reactive Websites presents Ready, steady? GO! posted at Reactive Websites.

Melissa Delaney presents Warning: 10 Reasons You Could Get Hooked on WiMax Internet posted at Wireless Internet Reviews.

Elena Frederick presents 12 Step Program for Quitting FaceBook posted at Free Internet.

Kathy Nelson presents 10 Reasons People Hear News FIRST Now from Facebook posted at Broadband Service Providers.

Amanda Radcliffe presents 20 Stunning Homeland Security Infographics posted at Homeland Security Degree, saying, “One interesting way to explain certain aspects of homeland security is through the uses of graphics. Some of these are serious, while other illustrations can be parodies. But in their own ways, they offer an easier way to understand homeland security issues.”

Brian Rakowski presents Can MLM Lead System Pro Really Save Your Business? posted at Regenesis Health and Wellness | Brian Rakowski, saying, “Many of the top online network marketers are touting MLM Lead System Pro as the real solution to building a large organization using the internet, but will it really work for the average marketer?”

Charles Chua C K presents To Blog Is To Give and Receive posted at All About Living with Life.

DebB presents Create SEO Friendly URLS In WordPress posted at How To Build A Website Quick, saying, “Make your WordPress blog URLs more people and SEO friendly. It is simple!”

YFS Magazine presents Top 15 Tips to Boost Business on Facebook posted at YFS Magazine.

Erica Morgan presents 10 Technology Secrets Kids Keep from their Parents posted at Internet Providers.

Stacey Rogers presents Minimalist Internet: 10 Ways to Make Dial-Up Work for You posted at Dial Up Internet.

Melanie Slaugh presents 7 Laws Impacting our Online Privacy posted at Internet Service Providers.

Christine Kane presents 10 Reasons Terrorists Stay Off the Internet posted at Internet Service Providers.

Kathy Nelson presents Top 10 iOS Apps for Social Media Addicts posted at Broadband Service Providers.

Gloria Nilson presents 10 Reasons to Immediately Leave a Website posted at Dial Up.

Brittney presents Seven reminders from the FTC for CAN-SPAM Act Compliance posted at Information Law RSS Feed, saying, “The FTC has put together this handy video outlining seven simple things to remember about complying with the CAN-SPAM Act.”

Charles Chua C K presents 10 Effective Ways to Create a Positive First Impression of your Blog posted at All About Living with Life.

Stella Anokam presents Outsourcing: Strategy To Grow An Online Business Income Fast posted at Free Internet Marketing Tips Simplified |Start Your Own Online Business.

Coleen Torres presents 10 Traditional Newspapers that Successfully Moved Online posted at phonetvinternet.com.

Phil Byrne presents Using Google Alerts For Market Research | Coffee Kicks posted at Coffee Kicks – SEO, Link Building.

Matt Barrington presents Using Video to Promote Your Business Steps to a Great Marketing Video posted at The YouTube View Blog.

Michael Donelly presents “Decorate” your business with the art of delegation. posted at www.anotherway.org, saying, “Read this if: you want to be a successful manager or grow your one-man business into something bigger. Gain: The more you delegate the more time you have for other tasks. Cost: Loss of direct control over tasks.”

Tash Hughes presents Discussing automating social media updates posted at Word Constructions.

Tash Hughes presents Choose links carefully posted at Word Constructions, saying, “Sharing links and information is a great way to build community and show generosity, but be careful what links you choose…” Interesting – today, 3 years later, I get a notice that this site has malware installed on it. Hence, I've removed the links.

Juliet Jones presents 10 Old Brands That Managed to Stay Modern posted at Business Insurance, saying, “You might have more in common with your great-grandparents than that receding hairline or cleft chin; some of your favorite brands might have been used by your predecessors, even as early as the Civil War.”

Brittney presents Reputation Management: Dealing with negative online postings posted at Information Law RSS Feed, saying, “Pepper Law Group is one of very few law firms qualified to employ BOTH the legal and technological tools above to help control your positive online reputation. Learn more, or schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers to confidentially discuss your situation in detail.”

kronik seo presents Building Back-links for Targeted Web site Traffic posted at Internet Marketing – Web design, saying, “Building back-links can help get your website indexed faster by search engines as well as increase traffic to your website by improving its rank on search results. Search engines use a number of factors to calculate a website’s rank. Relevancy of content and back-links are the most important factors.”

Steve presents The Basic Points to Keep in Mind When Advertising Your Website posted at ISMagazine.com, saying, “There are an estimated 312 million websites on the web today and this number is forever growing. So how can you make sure yours is different?”

Amber presents 3 Habits of the Effective People posted at Captured Technology, saying, “One person can achieve a lot by himself, but this cannot be compared to the things that more people can achieve if they work together and trust each other completely.”

Anna Farmery presents Show 344 – How Our Eyes View Web Pages posted at The Engaging Brand.

Mitchell presents Finding Dedicated Servers on a Budget posted at VistaPrint – 250 Free Business Cards, saying, “Having a website that is highly available, within budget and not located on a server with bad neighbors is one of the best way to get traffic from the search engines.”

Mitchell presents Things to Avoid when Getting Dedicated Server Hosting posted at VistaPrint – 250 Free Business Cards, saying, “Selecting a dedicated server company that allows for more than one domain on a server will provide the needed flexibility to expand in the future.”

Paul Piotrowski presents Starting an Ecommerce Website in 2011 posted at Paulymath.com.

BWL presents How Do Bloggers Make Money? posted at Blogging Your Passion, saying, “This post takes a look at some of the various ways that bloggers can make money from their blogs…”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of internet marketing muscle using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.


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