List Building 101 Tip #71

As you ship packages you should include a postcard or form that makes it easy for your customers to join your list. They can send this form back to you, and you can enter their email address manually. Another option is to explain the advantages of being on your list and direct them to a website where they can go sign up themselves.

[tweetthis url=”″]Include a form instructing your new customer to sign up for product updates.[/tweetthis]

This is a great strategy because you know that the people who are receiving a shipment are proven customers. That means there are a lot more likely to be responsive.

Of course a better alternative would be to invest in a shopping cart that has an autoresponder built in. That way your customers can automatically be added to your email lists.


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  • Excellent tip Bill!

    And so darn simple to implement too!

    If more cash starved, struggling small business owners and or service providers,
    did just that, they would be so much more profitable in the long run!Thanks!

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