Internet Marketing Muscle Podcast Episode 107


Hi and welcome to the Episode #107 of the Internet Marketing Muscle Podcast.

Show Notes

  • Episode #7!!!
  • Dedicating this one my little girl.
  • Let’s get started!

Facebook Advertising

  • Why advertise at all?
  • SEO isn’t good enough?
  • Google AdWords?
  • How about Twitter?
  • 1.4 BILLION active users
  • Best demographic data of ANY company (well, except for credit card companies – but not so much demographics as it is BUYING behavior which is a lot better, IMHO)
  • Best tools
  • Best options


  • BSO Syndrome
  • Buy as an investment – that is, if it can’t help you build your business TODAY, don’t buy it
  • Remedy: Create more than you consume


Final Thoughts

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