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If you're serious about growth hacking your way to your first 1,000 visitors, then you absolutely must embrace social media.

After all, it's the “new SEO” in that it just plain works.

Most people use Facebook and spend a lot of time on the network.

So having a Facebook page for your business is paramount.

Plus, there is a practical aspect to it. What is it?

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If you want to run Facebook ads (and you will – it's part of this series), you MUST have a Facebook page.

So go get one and “flesh it out.”

Here are some highlights:

  • Create a page. It's easy. Just follow the steps and use your judgement. You really can't do this part wrong. Plus, you can change nearly anything at a later date if you want to.
  • Put up a header image and a “profile” pic. Sizes are 851 x 315 pixels for the header, 170×170 pixels for the profile pic. DO THIS.
  • This is a great guide for setting up your page.
  • This is a great guide for using your page.
  • Post every day. Something.
  • Make sure post links back to your website. Here's how: Go to your page, write up some commentary about a post you published on your site, and paste in the URL to it. Facebook does the rest.
  • Don't always make the posts about you or your business. Share quality information that you know your audience wants.
  • Share posts you publish on your page with your friends, using your personal profile. At first, your page won't have many “friends” or “fans” or “likes” (all the same thing). Your personal profile will most likely have greater reach. Use it.

Setting up your Facebook page is a critical first part of getting your first 1,000 visitors to your new web site. You will find that you get direct traffic from your posts where you shared a website post. In fact, you may get more than your required 34 visits from Facebook alone.

Stay tuned. Tip #3 will be published on Saturday. Make sure you read it because I will show you how to leverage your Facebook page.




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