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In the last post, I implored you to set up a Facebook page for your business. Doing so gives you two advantages:

  1. You have direct access to 2 billion people who use Facebook every day.
  2. You can run ads using Facebook's huge advertising platform.

Of course, I can't give you a full-on Facebook advertising course here. You can find great courses on FB ads here, here, and here.

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What I will share with you is a few best practices and things to do. Nothing difficult. Just solid straightforward tasks anybody can accomplish.

Preliminary steps

  1. Set up your page. See the last post.
  2. Set up an advertising account for the page. It's easy. And all you really need to do is set up the funding of your account.
  3. Create your pixel. Use the Head and Footer Scripts Inserter plugin for WordPress (assuming your website is WordPress).
  4. Create TWO custom audiences: 1. For all visitors to your site in the past 180 days and 2. For all people who “engage” with your Facebook page.
  5. Set up a “Traffic” campaign. You don't need to get too fancy here. Facebook has a hierarchy: Ads go in Ad Sets and Ad Sets go in Campaigns. So your Campaign should be called “Campaign – Traffic,” your Ad Set should be called “Ad Set – Traffic,” and your first Ad should be called Ad#1 – Traffic.” You can have multiple ads in an ad set, multiple ad sets within a campaign, and multiple campaigns. For now, just keep it simple: One ad in one ad set in one campaign.
  6. Make a nice image for your Ad. Image size: 1,200 x 628 pixels. The image has to be visually striking. It can have text in it, just don't go overboard. Keep it under 20 percent and you should be fine.
  7. Then create an ad! Simply go to your Ad Manager, make sure you choose the right ad account, and just follow the prompts. Start small, say, $1 a day for a week.
  8. See what happens. If you get good results, but want improvement, make another ad, call it “Ad#2 – Traffic” and put it in Ad Set #1 – Traffic from above. If you get horrible results, start from scratch.

Boosting posts

The other primary way to advertise on Facebook is by “boosting posts.” Here's what you do:

Since you want folks to visit your website, you ultimately want them to click a link to your site. Makes sense, right?

So, make a post on your site. Publish it. Take the URL and make a post within your Facebook page. Put in some copy (words) and then paste in the URL. Post it. Then boost it.

This is kind of a lazy way to make a Facebook advertisement, but it can be effective.

I use both of these methods to drive traffic to my site. And any time somebody engages with my Facebook page OR visits my site, they are “collected” into my two custom audiences above. I then use those two audiences to run “re-marketing” campaigns to them (advanced topic I may cover later).

With these two methods, you can easily generate 34 visits to your site each and every day. Of course, you'll be spending money to do so.

Stay tuned. Tip #4 will be published on Monday. I will show you where to publish offsite that will definitely get you traffic.




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