jelly doughnuts
I LOVE me some jelly doughnuts!

I'm just like you. Sure, we may like different things. I like to hike, read, and listen to music.

You may like to sew, fish, and dance.

But we're all kind of in the same boat. We have families. Bills to pay. Guilty pleasures.

You know mine? Jelly doughnuts.

I don't eat them often. But once in a while, the family and I walk downtown to the 24-hour doughnut shop.

I used to get glazed. But then I discovered jelly doughnuts. OMG!!!

Doughnuts aren't the healthiest of snacks. They are cheap.

So is this – Dennis Becker wrote a book years ago that launched his IM career.

He was sixty years old. Debt up the wazoo. A failing brick and mortar business.

He wrote ONE BOOK. 6 weeks later, he had almost forty thousand bones in his bank account.

One thing that's kept me on track in my life, especially when I'm down: I think, “If he can do it, so can I.”

That thought process (or “mindset”) is what got me to skydive. Set myself on fire for fun and notoriety in college.

I write for a living. I instruct. I collect data. All because, “So can I.”

If you know Dennis, and I do, you know he's not your garden variety internet marketer. He is shy, withdrawn.

Not hypey. Not boastful. Just a guy. Like you and me.

He probably even likes jelly doughnuts.

If you want to learn what Dennis did (he now earns a k a day, literally), get this book.

(NOTE: This is not the original book. This is a Reader's Digest version – simplified, with only the most salient info from the original. It's also a lot more affordable than the original. If you want the original, go here.)

I highly recommend Dennis' work. You won't be disappointed, especially if you haven't had much luck getting your business going.


Disclaimer: Some links I mention in my work are to resources where I'm an affiliate. When you click and decide to buy, I earn a commission. I'm proud to recommend those resources I've purchased, reviewed, or personally use in my own business. You should always perform your own due diligence before buying from anyone via the Internet or offline.


$5 a Day, Dennis Becker

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  • Hey Bill,

    This must be karma….those jelly donuts look amazing and I was just thinking of what to eat for breakfast.

    I did download Dennis’ book and now all I need is a jelly donut to read it with. I have heard of Dennis, but never read anything he has written. Well this just made my day and thank you for introducing me to this book.

    I got so excited I almost forgot to come back to thank you.


    • That’s AWESOME, Donna! Dennis is a great guy. I love him. Just so down to earth and easy going. His actions speak a LOT louder than his words. I know you will not only enjoy the book but learn a ton from it!

      Happy trails.

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