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Monetizing a site can take many forms: AdSense and other ads in general, selling a physical or digital product, or affiliate marketing.

Build a Better Online Business with WordPress

Beginning in the year 2002, blogs changed the online marketing world, quite possibly forever. While most people at that time started with various blogging systems, eventually most of them shifted to WordPress. WordPress has become so much more since then: A powerful website Content Management System that emerged from the need for a better blogging system.

If you read any popular blogging tips online, WordPress is often positioned as a tool that well, creates a blog. But an increasing number of marketers are finding that you can also use it as the most important tool upon which you can grow a profitable business empire. The most powerful function of WordPress itself lies in its ability to manage large amounts of text, audio and video content. After a dozen pages it becomes difficult to manage a static HTML site. Although you can use template-driven software as well like SBI or DreamWeaver, nothing beats the ease of WordPress.

Using premium blogging tools (many of them free), you can easily create a static website, an article directory, a WordPress-based membership site, a complete e-commerce site, an auction site, a portfolio site and so much more. As a matter of fact, you can also just about use it for anything.

Besides that, Search Engine Optimization is another important element. By default, WordPress is pretty good at optimizing and creating SEO-friendly content. However you can also get more serious and utilize simple WordPress plugins to further increase your SEO rankings and get better Yahoo, Google, or Bing rankings.

However, the best thing about WordPress is its flexibility. You can easily switch between WordPress themes, and improve its functions by using plugins and even some custom programming. PLUS, it's free.

If you aren't using WordPress yet, you should seriously consider doing so. The learning curve has reduced substantially in the past 3 years. At the moment it's so easy to use even a six-year old kid can figure it out. To power your online business, go ahead and use WordPress!

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Sales Army Secrets Product Review

Name of the Product: Sales Army Secrets by Jimmy D. Brown

Where you can Buy it:

Product Description: This course illustrates how to increase site traffic and income by creating affiliate programs.

This is a complete course including audio and transcripts as well as a bunch of great bonuses to help you either get an affiliate program up and running or greatly improve your current program. Jimmy shares some of his best ideas and techniques that have helped him attract affiliates and keep them motivated and promoting his products.

In a step-by-step process, Jimmy shares how you can get an affiliate program set up within a matter of hours, what tools you should provide your affiliates, and what you can do on an ongoing basis to support your affiliates and get them selling for you each and every month.

The product also includes a great interview with Jimmy's own affiliate manager – Nicole Dean – who answers questions on how to find a great affiliate manager, why you need one in the first place and what to look for if you are thinking of hiring someone to take care of your affiliate center.

Who This Product is Intended For:

Anyone that wants to:

  • Start an affiliate program
  • Improve an existing affiliate program
  • Hire an affiliate manager
  • Become an affiliate manager
  • Learn more about affiliate marketing

Uses: This course teaches the reader how to build, market and run a profitable affiliate program.

Pros: Sales Army Secrets gives step-by-step instructions- complete with examples -to creating, implementing and improving an affiliate program.  Additionally, it explains why, as well as how, to hire an affiliate manger.  It also shares ideas to help your affiliates make more money while increasing your income, too.

Cons: I don't really have any criticism of the product. It's just too bad Jimmy is not sharing his affiliate manager.

Personal Opinion:

I like how “step-by-step” this product is. While it is great for a beginner who doesn't have an affiliate program in place yet, it also contains plenty of advanced ideas and strategies that helped improve my current affiliate program. After going through the audio and transcript for the first time, I came up with 2 pages of ideas and changes that I am currently working on implementing.

I also have a better understanding of the role an affiliate manager plays in the process.

I highly recommend this course to anyone considering an infoproduct business online.

Building an Online Business Empire, Part 0 of 10

Okay, you're here because you want to learn how to build a profitable business. But what kind of business? We'll get into that in Part 1.


I'm not sure whether this will be 2 parts, 10 parts, or 100 parts, or something else. I could write an entire book, maybe even a series of books on how to start and run an online business (hey, there's an idea!); obviously, there are a lot of folks around who have already done so. And, of course, many more books will be written to address the challenge.

For now, I'll stick with 10 parts. It's a nice round number and I can probably both divide all I know into ten solid parts and fully flesh each one out.

I will try to lay out a system whereby you can build a business from the ground up into a thriving, cash-pulling empire. That's the goal. Much of what you will read here will be what I've done in the past and what I will continue to do in the future to build my own online empire. I am certainly not there yet. But the goal is to build a publishing juggernaut that pulls in profits hand over fist with very little day-to-day labor by me (I'm light years away from that stage!).

And there will be a lot of “let's try this” type stuff, too — things I haven't tried but have on good advice that they work, or things I haven't tried but I got a hair-brained scheme to try it out.

That's the background.


There are countless business types on which to build your empire. You can use one or more, of course. By types, I am referring to monetization methods like AdSense and other advertising, Private Label Rights creation and/or publishing, creating your own products to sell, membership sites, and affiliate marketing (selling other people's products and services).

Throughout this series, I'll point out the various business types: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. That's the MBA-speak version. What that really means is this: The pros and cons or benefits and drawbacks. Used in the right circumstances, any business method can work wonders. In other words, all methods can play an integral role on bringing you the cash and profits you seek. But, again, more on that in Part 2.


There are many things you need to think about and consider when setting up your business, no matter what type of business you finally embrace (and HINT: You will want to employ more than one, eventually, but I suggest you start out with one and only one). All that said, here's a grab bag of the ingredients you'll need to bake your online empire cake.

  1. Business method. Pick and choose: PLR, product creation, affiliate marketing, or advertising. There are more, but these are the big ones.
  2. Do your research. Pick a niche or market, brainstorm keywords and topics. Think about how you'll make money doing whatever it is you decide to do.
  3. Choose a domain and web host. There are many domain registrars and hosts. I'll make recommendations on whom to choose, but we'll first describe what all this means.
  4. Website. Choose what kind of website, be it a “standard” HTML website or a blog. I suggest you start out with a WordPress blog because you can find many themes and plugins for free that you can use in your site that will either enhance the user experience, make Search Engine Optimization a no-brainer (relatively speaking), or make content management super-simple.
  5. Add content. The best content is the content that you contribute, but you can also get guest writers and syndicated content. This can be beneficial in the beginning because you can load up your site with a lot of content before you go live.
  6. Generate traffic. All other things equal, a website with 500 daily visitors will be more profitable than one with only 50 visitors. It's a numbers game, just like dating. Of course, all other things are NEVER equal, so take this one with a grain of salt. However, you still need to drive potential customers to your offering by way of your website. We'll talk about how to do that here. There are dozens of ways to drive traffic to your site, most of which will require their own sub-parts to explain in full.
  7. Convert visitors to buyers. There are TONS of ways to do this. We'll most likely have to split some of the conversion tactics into separate sub-pieces because each one needs some explanation.
  8. Convert one-time buyers into multiple-time buyers. It's easier than you think.
  9. Convert buyers into affiliates. Get other people to drive business to your website. In short, start an affiliate program. Your business could scale bigger and faster than you ever imagined. I'll show you how here.
  10. Rinse, repeat, and build it out. Some folks build a product, set up a website, and then move to another product. Or they do all that and then sell it (in Internet parlance, they “flip it”). Yet others go on to build “authority sites.” Still others keep on cranking out the products and add to their online portfolio. They all work. We'll talk here about the pros, cons, and how to do it.

That's it for this introduction to building an online business empire. Stay tuned for the next installment where we discuss the different online business models to consider usning in your own enterprise.

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