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Lately, there has been a wide popularity of mobile phones and this technology gadget has almost become an inseparable part of our lives. According to recent researches, it has been seen that there are four times the number of mobile phones used in the world against a PC and over 150 billion text messages are sent in a particular month, an amount that has increased from practically nothing in 2004. As per multiple analysts, mobile marketing and advertising may explode and take the mobile industry by a storm by 2012, generating $3-$5 billion revenues. Have a look at the predominant mobile marketing trends that you may expect in 2011.
  1. Text message marketing may go mainstream: The Mobile Marketing Association says that text message marketing is one of the most widely used forms of mobile marketing. In 2011, there will a wide usage of text message marketing and people will just concentrate on collecting the phone numbers of people instead of their e-mail addresses. You just have to type 160 characters message speaking about your product and your service and the reader will get to know about it shortly. There will also be a wide adoption of texting coupons among all generations.
  2. Texting will be offered by the print media: As the circulation of newspapers and magazines are declining rapidly, they will soon seek out new marketing techniques such as mobile marketing. The local print publishers are getting in the game and in 2010; there are some largest media brands in the world that got involved in mobile marketing.
  3. Retailers will move beyond mobile marketing: After several years of experimentation, the big brands are going to make mobile a significant part of their expenses in 2011. The retailers are going to take a big step beyond mobile marketing, thereby raising the expectations of the consumers about what they can do with their mobile phones.
  4. You may be able to have what you want in 2011: If you’re not interested in participating in the mobile applications of other countries, why not have your own in 2011? It has been predicted that half of the business mobile campaigns will send the consumers directly to a website of mobiles and to a smart phone application.
Therefore, if you’re a mobile merchant who is looking for ways to promote mobile marketing, take into account the trends mentioned above so that you may stay aware of what is going to come in the near future.


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