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Once in a while, I go on a RANT. This is that time. Though I will spare you a lot of my vitriol because I'm tired. It's been a long week and a longer weekend…



I wish I could say “the end” but that would be way premature ūüôā

So here's the deal: If you're reading this, you're very likely an internet marketer or at least somebody who wants to sell stuff online. Take this litmus test:

  • Have you earned more revenue this year than you've spent on products? Include “how-to” course, plugins, themes, software, WSOs, and other bright shiny objects.

If you can answer “yes,” then carry on.

However, if you have spent more on products than you've earned, Houston, we have a problem.

This, believe it or not, is the single-biggest problem in the internet marketing (IM) space–everybody seems to buy a lot of stuff. And it's okay to buy stuff that helps you build your business. But if you jump from one product to another before you actually¬†implement anything¬†from the last product, then you are addicted to buying crap.

You are NOT an internet marketer. You are a reckless consumer of IM products and if you don't nip that thing in the bud right now you are likely never going to make money in this niche.

STOP Buying Crap!

Here I am–an internet marketer myself–telling you not to buy stuff (of course, you can buy mine because my stuff is simply awesome!)…

What gives?

Take a buying hiatus. You'll find that you missed NOTHING. There's nothing in the IM world that you absolutely need right now.


Take it from me, a recovering reckless consumer of IM products, I know what I'm talking about. Until you focus on making and marketing your own products, you are either an affiliate marketer (and that's super) or a person who will eventually quit internet marketing because you didn't have what it takes.

That's right–you didn't have what it takes to be successful. You didn't do anything to help your situation. You have to¬†sell stuff to be successful in internet marketing.

It's just that simple. End of rant.

So put yourself on a diet. Endeavor to create a product. And then go out and sell the crap out of it!


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