Tip #5 — Use List Building To Grow Your Income

There are so many different ways that having a list can add to your bottom line. We've already discussed that previous customers are more likely to buy from you, but that’s not where it stops.

When you have a list, you can get people to look at your special offers and new products whenever you'd like. All it takes is a simple email and you can literally pull in cash on demand.

In fact, you can use your list, whether it's composed of customers or subscribers, as sort of a test bed for new products. You can get a feel for what your audience wants, likes, and needs. Plus, you can ask questions of your subscribers, and even do surveys, to find out what's lacking in the marketplace.

Using your audience to plan new products and services is a great benefit–to you and them because they get what they want, like, or need.

Then you leverage that to gain even more subscribers by selling your new product or service where your audience hangs out! It's win-win.

Here's a video about the growing your income using your email marketing lists.


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