clean-workspaceYou’ve probably heard that content marketing and strategy are crucial to running a successful business. From social media reach to building networks and drafting engaging blog content, what you do to market your business has a significant impact on success and sales. At Modernize, we know how vital marketing is to the health of a well-run business. Here are a few tips to set up the perfect home office, where you can achieve all of your goals and work in a peaceful environment.

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Set Aside Time and Space

If you’re going to create a home office, you first need to select the perfect room. Perhaps you have a spare bedroom or den that you’re not currently using. That’s perfect! But sometimes finding a work-from-home space is not as easy. If you don’t have any spare rooms, consider converting a basement, garage, or attic into a truly customized office. If that isn’t an option either, clear some space in the living room or bedroom and reserve it for your work.

The key to work-from-home success is dedicating focused work hours and developing a habitual schedule. Just as you would sit in a corporate office for hours at time, do so at home to discipline yourself. However, since you’ll be using this home office for marketing, you may be using it only a few hours at a time. Flexibility is one of the benefits of working from home; just remember to treat your work time the same, no matter where you are.


Design to Encourage Productivity

Now that you have your space set up, it’s time for the fun part. Choose a design that inspires you. Whether this is bright decor with vibrant accents, or a minimalist aesthetic with calming slate greys and raw wood, go for what makes you happy. Designing a space just for you will encourage passion and connection to your work. No more awful orange and brown cubicles!

If possible, upcycle a desk from another area of your home or even a thrift store. If you don’t have anything, shop for something new and spoil yourself a bit! Make sure you have enough desk space for a monitor or two, a computer or laptop, office supplies, and journals.

Use your wall space wisely. Set up a calendar and some reference sheets to keep you on track. Cork and memo boards are also great for productivity. Throw in some personal touches too, like inspiring messages, family photos, and perhaps even a vision board.


Work to Make it Work

Set goals for yourself every day. Want to tap into trends on social media channels? Invest thirty minutes in market research, then brainstorm content ideas for another hour. Set a goal, then break it up into smaller, measurable steps. Whether you write all this on a whiteboard, sticky note, or computer documents, remember that your space is there for you. Interact with it!

Running your own business can be difficult, and it’s certainly a lot of work, but finding a space in your home to focus and achieve your goals shouldn’t be. Be sure to incorporate setting up a home office into your business plan, and don’t forget to have a blast on the journey!


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