What is the Difference Between Posts vs. Pages in WordPress

WordPress Posts vs. Pages - What's the difference

In WordPress, there are subtle differences between posts & pages.

Often WordPress beginners get confused between posts and pages. By default, WordPress comes with two content types: posts and pages.

As a beginner, you are probably wondering what’s the difference between posts vs pages? They seem to look similar in the WordPress dashboard as well as on the website.

Readers often ask us: Why do I need both? When should I use posts? When should I use pages?

In this article, we will explain the difference between posts vs. pages in WordPress.

WordPress Pages vs. Posts (Key Differences)

To summarize, following are the key differences between posts vs pages in WordPress.

  • Posts are timely vs. Pages are timeless.
  • Posts are social vs. Pages are NOT.
  • Posts are organized using categories and tags vs. Pages are hierarchical and can be organized as child and parent pages.
  • Posts are included in RSS feed vs. Pages are not.
  • Posts have author and published date vs Pages do not.


What is the Difference Between Posts vs. Pages in WordPress

Why You Shouldn’t Try to Rank #1 on Google

Why You Shouldn’t Try to Rank #1 on Google

Here's why you shouldn't try to rank #1 on Google

Do you know what the number one email request I get is?

Come on, take a guess. What do you think it is?

Ok, its people asking me for money.

But, do you know what the second most common email request I get is?

Companies asking me to rank them number 1 on Google for a specific term.

And I have to say, it’s a big waste of time for you to focus all of your energy on ranking number 1 on Google for a specific term or even a handful of terms.

Just take a look at my site… here’s my Google traffic over the last 31 days:

search traffic

As you can see from the graph, I’m generating 2,375,455 organic visits from search engines each month.

And can you guess how many keywords I’m tracking when it comes to my rankings?

A big fat ZERO!

I’m not saying I don’t do SEO, I’m saying I don’t focus on rankings.

Can you increase your search traffic without tracking rankings?

The short answer is yes.

As you saw from the graph above, I’m getting over 2 million visits from organic search each month. If you look back a year, I was getting 970,459 visitors a month from search.

Read more here.


Yes, you want to continually improve your search traffic over time, but obsessing over whether or not a keyword is ranking number 1 doesn’t mean much.

SEO has moved to a long-tail strategy. The goal isn’t to rank for one keyword, or even a hundred or a thousand… the goal is to rank for hundreds of thousands if not millions of keywords over time.

And as long as that trend is continually going up and to the right, you’re fine.

One way to see if things are going directionally right is to use Ubersuggest. When you put in your domain, you’ll see a chart that looks something like this:

keyword rankings

You want the total number of keywords to increase over time and you want the small green bar to continually go up over time as that means a higher portion of your listings are moving up in Google.

So, are you going to continue focusing on rankings?


Why You Shouldn’t Try to Rank #1 on Google

What Makes Affiliate Marketing Success?

Affiliate marketing is simple…but not necessarily easy.

I've been talking a LOT about niche & affiliate marketing the past 3 months.

They kind of go hand-in-hand.

Cut to the chase – take a look at this. Then read through.

Let's say you're in the MMO (make $ online) niche. Heck, everybody is. Because we all like moolah!

If you're in that niche, one of the best (and easiest) ways to earn a decent income is through affiliate marketing.

In fact, if you're just starting out, it's the fastest way to earning your first dollars.

Of course, as you progress within your marketing journey, you will begin creating your own products & services.

But you NEVER have to leave affiliate marketing behind!

You shouldn't leave it behind because, once you've got the hang of it, it's like money in the bank!

You're not stupid. Why leave money on the table? And think about it: You'd be remiss in NOT telling your tribe about really cool stuff, even if it isn't yours.

Am I right?

I'm right.

BUT…and this is a big BUT (insert Sir Mix-a-Lot track), nobody really ever tells you EXACTLY what you need to know to get crackin' on this affiliate marketing nut.

Well, today, I have the privilege of sharing with you this gem:

Long Term Affiliate Marketing Success

It's an infoproduct produced by Dennis Becker & Barb Ling, my go-to team for learning all about internet marketing.

They are both incredibly good at affiliate marketing. The part I like best about them is they aren't flashy. They don't hype. Their sales pages are kinda BORING.

Just like me! Hahahahaha!!!

Seriously, they just “tell the facts.” And they're wildly successful.

I've met Dennis in person. He's exactly the person you imagine when you read his emails, articles, and blog posts: Down to earth, not hypey. He's smart. So is Barb.

This is a good one. I highly recommend it.

Get it now. And the “upsells” look pretty good, too.

Tip of the Week March 25, 2019

Affiliate Marketing Tip #1

Hey, I'm back! This week's tip is all about affiliate marketing:

  1. What is affiliate marketing?
  2. Why should you learn how to do it?

Watch the video below to get those two questions answered.

(Subscribe to my channel when you get there. I just created it and will be filling it with a weekly tip, at the very least.)

What is affiliate marketing and why should you learn about it?

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.

Why should you learn it?

Reason 1: You can monetize your blog sooner than you would if you created your own products.

Reason 2: You can learn what types of products & services your audience WANTS.

Reason 3: You get your audience used to BUYING FROM YOU.

One more thing: I used SlideShop to make the presentation (Powerpoint) featured in the video above. AppSumo is having a deal on SlideShop right now. Click here to get the lifetime deal (affiliate link).

Want a copy of the presentation? Click here.

Tip of the Week March 18, 2019

How to Print a Windows Directory to a File

I'm doing something new. I'm blogging a “tip of the week” every week until you tell me to stop 🙂

Seriously, here's the first one. And it may seem a little “out of the ordinary” (aka, “strange”).

But it's a method I use OFTEN. Maybe 3-4 times a week. Maybe more.

Here goes:

Watch the video to see it in action.

How to print a Windows folder contents to a file

This video shows you the easy way to print a Windows directory listing to a file.

(Subscribe to my channel when you get there. I just created it and will be filling it with a weekly tip, at the very least.)

I “print” to a text file whose contents I then paste into Microsoft Excel (or any other spreadsheet application), manipulate a little, sort, and then save.

It's easy.

But it's certainly not intuitive!

I use this when I want to use a file list in, say, bullet points in a sales letter.

Some other reasons you may want to print a Window folder to a text file:

  1. Sometimes, technical support needs to know what's in a particular file. I hate typing out the contents of a folder. This works like a charm.
  2. I have a specific use that you may not have…I use a program that will auto-populate filenames, file descriptions, etc. in a file import process. This is the beginning of that process. Saves me at least an hour every time I use it.

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