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Hey there!

Ramp up your 2021 sales and subscription rates using…viral reports!

I have to be honest, I haven't tried this. But I own the products recommended here.

Before this “sale” (in quotes because the front-end is cost-free), I had planned on building a 2-step funnel where the landing page was the opt in for this “viral” report (for which I would get the email address and the lead would get the report for free), and–once subscribed–they'd be taken to the “pre-sell” page where there would be an affiliate link (mine) for Viral PDF Brander…so you could do it yourself.

I'd drive traffic via paid ads.

But, to be 100% honest, this is easier for both you and me. I don't have to create a funnel, and I'm happy about that. I won't be creating any ads, either. Dennis Becker did all the hard work 🙂

So, get it here – it's a good case study on how to grow your subscriber list and make sales, either of your own products or affiliate products.


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