Your Thank You page
Sell something on your Thank You page, would you, please?

For what, you might ask?  

Time to build your thank you page, duh!  

You can build it straight in WordPress or make it pretty using Thrive Suite.  

(That's an affiliate link, by the way. If you sign up, they pay me a commission.)  

Two important things to remember:  

1. Make sure you deliver what you promised.  

If it was a free report, deliver it right here.  

I often use Amazon S3, but I've begun cutting out the “middle man” by just sharing a link to where I have that report on Dropbox.  

Paste the link into some good anchor text right there on your thank you page.  

2. Offer something for sale. There, I said it. Most newbies and many pros alike refrain from selling anything on their thank you pages.

Check this out.

How do I know? I sign up for newsletters and “ethical bribes” all the time. Almost nobody does.  

Why? Fear, I guess. Fear nobody will buy.  

Guess what?  

When you don't make an offer on your sales page, nobody buys.  

So what if only 1 in 1,000 buys?  

That's one more than you would have gotten.  

What to offer on your thank you page?  

Offer something that aligns with what you just gave them.  

But bigger, more valuable. You don't even have to create the product – it could be an affiliate offer.  

Just. Do. It!  


Here's a link to past emails in case you missed anything: Email Archive.  

Any questions, you know what to do.  

And don't forget to share this post with your crew.  



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