your email indoctrination series
Set expectations from the start – in your email indoctrination series!

We have talked about that ethical bribe here and here.

Today is the day you deliver on that.

We're talking your “indoctrination” email series today. It could be 1 email, 3, 10, or 100.

It's up to you.

I like a 3-email indoctrination series:

  1. For the first email, besides the confirmation email new subscribers get when they first sign up (and you don't have much control over it, and you don't want much control – the idea is to get them to only think about that confirmation link because until they click that link, they will NOT get your emails), give your new subscriber exactly what you promised them.

    Do not deviate from this. If you establish yourself right now as “doing what you say you'll do,” you'll have gone a long way to establishing the foundational trust with your new subscriber that you and he/she both need.
  2. Lead from the 1st email into the second email by telling your sub that you'll be sending another email (#2) in a day or two. Then DO THAT. Establish, again, that you do what you say you'll do. In the 2nd email, ask whether your subscriber has downloaded or viewed the “ethical bribe” (report, video, checklist, or whatever) you sent out in the 1st email. Ask if they have any questions about it.

    End this 2nd email with a notice that you'll be sending out another one in a day or two. Then DO THAT. Let them know, also, that you will be sending out emails on a regular basis (or not, but let them know that!).

    Also let them know that you're just a “reply” away – let them know they can email you with questions.
  3. In this third email, you may consider giving them an extra “bonus” for sticking around. This is your time to cement the relationship. Keep giving more and more: Time or product. Advice. Keep the door open.

Depending on your particular business model, you have a wealth of options available to you. It's in these first few emails where you establish expectations and then MEET them.

A lot of “gurus” will tell you to exceed expectations.


Just do what you'll say you'll do. Set those expectations from the get-go.

And you know what?

By actually DOING what you SAY you'll do will EXCEED your subscribers' expectations!

There is a good chance that doesn't happen very frequently to them.

Alright, go get 'em!

Here's a link to past emails in case you missed anything: Email Archive.
Any questions, you know what to do.

And don't forget to forward this email to your crew.


PS – I just checked: Traffic Ivy is still at its introductory pricing. You really should give it a STRONG LOOK. It looks like the end of the promo pricing is drawing near (in about 13 hours).


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