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I had this conversation the other day with two great people
that I've had the good fortune of getting to know the past
couple of years.

We talked about the usual stuff in a business setting:

Do you do this?
Can you make that happen?
Can you help us with x?

Then we got onto “what makes people tick.”

I gotta say, I can be totally immersed in that sort of
conversation for hours.

I don't remember who said it or how it all got started.
But I do remember somebody (was it me?) saying that
all people are really pretty much the same:

We have the same needs, desired, wants, fears, hopes,
dreams, etc.

You know, it starts with Maslow's hierarchy of needs…


Our base needs are pretty much the same. The farther up
the pyramid we go, the more we become “different.”

In this land of plenty, we sometimes get lost in “who
owns what,” and forget that we're all on this same
rock. We gotta share it, not plunder it. We have to
conserve scarce resources, not use them just because
it's convenient.

I don't give a damn that my neighbor owns a boat. Hell,
I don't like the water. The closest I ever got to owning
a boat was a $7000 fishing boat. Certainly no yacht.

It doesn't matter to me that your Lexus is worth more
than my two cars and two month's income (or whatever –
I didn't do the math).

What matters is that I am who I am. I'm not trying to be
somebody else. And neither should you.

Don't be a “sheeple.” Be yourself. You have unique talents,
skills, experience, knowledge, and–maybe most importantly
of all–perspective.

NOBODY has been in your shoes. You are your story.

Now, you may be asking why is Bill getting all philosophical
on me? He's an internet marketer. I want to learn how to
sell stuff, earn a living online, and make money while I

I get that.

But it took me a long time to get here. I'd like to save
you the time.

So, if you read nothing else, read this:

Follow your passion. Figure out a way to earn a little
bit of money doing what you like.

I will tell you – you can make a lot of money doing
stuff you hate.

Ask most (most!) prostitutes. Or strippers. Or drug

You can even make a lot of money selling crap to
aspiring internet marketers.

But you'll die inside. I know I did.

This is the part where I'm supposed to tell you that
I'm not faulting anybody for making money doing
stuff they hate.

But I'd be lying to you.

If you truly hate what you're doing, you gotta change
that. Like NOW. Better yet – yesterday.

I don't want to see you doing things you don't really
get a tremendous bang doing. I mean, metaphorically
speaking, I'd like you to orgasm doing the things you
love – and earn decent money doing it.

Don't confuse the above with the prostitute line farther up…

Anyway, be yourself, do what you love, and figure out
how to earn some cash doing it. Even if it's just a little

You can always leverage later.




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