Mobile apps are all the rage–except, there's one big problem. How in the world can your app compete with the thousands of other apps out there? Why would I put your mobile app on my phone?

Let's face it–most people won't install your app, even if it's free.

If you're a brick and mortar store and think you need a mobile presence (and you do), then there is a better way–get a mobile website.

I have a new service offering that you're going to love, but only if you need to “go mobile.” That is to say, if you are a retail store or offer services to retail customers, then you need a mobile website.

My offer can get you up online with a mobile website in less than 24 hours, getting you found in local searches.

The best thing about a mobile website versus a mobile app? Your customers can bookmark your mobile site on any smartphone with a browser. Plus, you won't have to constantly annoy your customers with app upgrades. With an app, every time YOU make a change, YOUR CUSTOMERS will have to update the app.

With a mobile website, you can make all the changes you want without affecting your customers at all. Every change you make will appear to your customers as soon as you make it.

Go check out the offer. Make no mistake–this offer is not for everyone. You probably don't need it. But if you do, this really is a no-brainer–it's easy, fast, and inexpensive.


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