It's a wrap! You can FINALLY schedule Instagram stories using Publer! Yay!!!


Here is an extensive guide on how (and why) you need to schedule Instagram Stories right now!

Without a doubt, Instagram has become a fully-fledged social media powerhouse by successfully combining features that make today’s social media world. Originally a photo-sharing social network, Instagram now houses an array of cool features such as Stories, Filters, Lives, Product Catalogs, and recently: Reels – You can now schedule them directly from Publer.

And while, yes, everyone is focused on the trending reels nowadays, research shows that Instagram stories remain one of the main features of why users choose Instagram as their favorite social media platform.

Official Instagram data shows that half a billion users use Stories daily to interact with their audiences and engage more creatively.

However, business accounts are the ones that truly harness the full power of Instagram Stories by showcasing their products/services and engaging directly with their audiences on Instagram. A whopping 58% of the people surveyed said they became more interested in a brand/product after seeing it in Stories.

Source: You can now schedule Instagram Stories with Publer | Fast and Easy – Publer's Blog


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