About last night…

Okay, that's the title of a crummy '80s movie with that creep from the DirecTV ads, Rob Lowe.

Like him or hate him, his alter egos on those commercials were sociopathic losers.

Like a lot of internet marketers.

But I digress 🙂

ran over a fire hydrant
She said, “It was me!”

Yesterday, I told you about the crummy end to my week last week:

  • Ran over a fire hydrant (“It wasn't me!”)
  • Kid stuck a green bean up his nose, resulting in a trip to the ER
  • The return of atrial fibrillation and my jaunt to the cardiologist

Among other things.

So this blog post is about that, not about last night. Last night was wonderful.

Want to know why?

My heart started beating rhythmically again.

Here's the story:

I got up yesterday and I was still in a-fib (heart beating wildly and out-of-rhythm). I called my doctor's office and made an appointment for 10am. Went to hop in the shower (which, with a-fib, can be exhausting).

Felt “normal.” Checked my pulse. Hmm. The a-fib had stopped. The old ticker was beating normally.

I decided to go to the dr. appointment anyway. Have a talk about options, reducing episodes, etc.

Today, I feel great. On tap to get some bloodwork done and get a sonogram for my heart in prep to talk with a doctor who specializes in “ablation.”

That should solve my a-fib issues forever. At least in theory.

course correction
Even the most sophisticated ships need course correction

The point: Just like in yesterday's post, I'm going to encourage you to keep going.

Like my good friend Brian says,

[su_quote]People DO NOT fail at internet marketing, they simply GIVE UP before the magic happens.[/su_quote]

It's true.

Now, I won't blow smoke:

Not everybody “makes it.”

But guess what? You define what “making it” means.

It could mean selling millions of dollars worth of product.

Or $100.

It's up to you. You, and only you, define success.

If you allow others to define success for you, you almost always will fail.

Now, if you aren't headed in the right direction, you may never reach your target destination.

You may need a course correction.

That's where having somebody from the outside taking a look at your business may come in handy.

If you think that's you, hit me up here. We can talk, set up some time for a consult.


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