WP Member Champ

If you're looking for an easy way to set up a simple membership site, look no farther than WP Member Champ.

I put up WP Member Champ Reviews for a couple of reasons:

  1. It's a great WordPress plugin that makes setting up a membership site stupid-simple–So simple even a stupid guy like me can do it
  2. My buddy, Tim Castleman, was bragging about how he got to page 1 on Google in less than 24 hours so I wanted to start a friendly competition with him 🙂
    Here's to you, Tim (thinly-veiled Andrew Dice Clay reference)!

In all seriousness, I have begun a couple membership sites lately using WP Member Champ (also know as Member Genius–go figure) and I have to say it totally rocks! The problem with many membership scripts is that they make the concept of memberships way to complicated.

I suggest you look at memberships in a different way from the norm. That is, think micro-continuity, fixed-term continuity, single-level memberships, and keeping things as simple as possible.

Think monthly memberships at $10 or less a month. Call your members "members" or "subscribers." Think back to the good-old magazine subscription days (do they still have those?)–where you paid your $12 a year for a once-a-month shiny new print magazine…(note, too, that those magazine subscriptions were heavily subsidized by advertisers–you could do that, too.)

In fact, why not create your own magazine subscription service? Only this time there is no physical product–rather, it's a simple email sent out once a month full of awesome content.

Continuously over-deliver and add value by giving free downloads, access to free bonuses, and don't be afraid to upsell once in a while. Heck, you have your subscribers' email addresses–use them!

Anyway, take a look at the site. It's brand-new. I think I put it up on Friday. It's ranked #5 on Google, right behind Castleman's site 🙂

Soon, friends, it will be ahead of his and may even be #1. I have done NOTHING to it except add content (and it's scant right now) and did some minor indexing and profile backlinking. I'm not even sure it needed any of that…

I will be putting up a video / screencast today where I show you how set up a fixed-term membership (think one-time purchase for a fixed period of time, just like a magazine subscription). That should be available before noon. When it is, I will put a direct link right here:

==> WP Member Champ


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