The Google DanceMy buddy, Matt Wiggins, wrote up a nice piece over at his site, Wiggins Marketing, called And Google Keeps on Dancing…

I suggest you read it. It's very interesting. When most people (okay, all people) talk about "the Google dance," they're referring to starting a new website, doing all the things necessary to position it well for the search engines (the gurus call it "SEO"), and then watching your brand-new website hit the first page of Google.

Only to fall to page 9,287 in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) when the Big G figures out where your website should be.

Then it may rise and fall again a few times before settling in where it really is going to stay (until you do another round of SEO).

This is "the Google dance." Read wiggy's take on how he just had a dance with google and it was the opposite of the typical google dance.


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  • Hey Bill – Thanks for posting!  Yeah, google is wacky as hell sometimes…my own 'dance' made no sense to me…LOL.
    Just goes to show regardless of what anybody says, much of this SEO stuff is educated guesswork at best.

  • DUDE – I *knew* I shouldn't have talked smack about google.
    I just checked my rankings again, and know that page that was #2…I did the SEO bump, dropping it to page 2…then it went back up to #2 again?
    Well, after having done NOTHING with or to it…it's back down on page 2 again.
    LOL…just wow.
    *face palm*

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