Here's my little rant on why the Google algorithm change is just a pile of crap and how it offers another example of the Law of Unintended Consequences.

Why Google's Algorithm Change Is Crap on YouTube

The discussion on the Internet Marketing Muscle Facebook fanpage

My buddy Matt Wiggin's take on the Google algo change (READ the post–it's spot-on!)


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  • I just today took off about 20 articles off my site that was from an article directory.I had the link back to the site.My site is still up on Google right where it was last week.I just didnt want to take a chance.I just wrote an article tonight and am going to only post articles i write.I use Bing a lot more now.I feel the same as you.

    • @ Bill — It’s a shame that any one web property can move so many to take such drastic actions. I certainly hope this doesn’t happen to you, but it could: That content you had up is now gone but it’s still in google’s cache — and you get a bunch of 404 errors and google drops your site down just because now–all of a sudden–you have a bunch of “page not found” errors.

      At the very least, if you can, put those back up without the content (i.e., put something in its place, if even just a summary) or put a redirect on them.

  • I still wonder what effect this will have on articles directories themselves?  I mean, if everybody who reposts content gets their site slapped down, then they're gonna quit reposting content.  If they quit doing that, then there's not a whole lot of point in authors posting content to ADs in the first place.
    And here's my deal…
    Was telling a buddy not in IM about this this AM.  The example I used to illustrate was like this…
    He's got a friend that's a cop.  Well, say his cop friend is out on patrol, and sees my buddy's daughter out in his 4Runner, off-roading and joyriding.  He pulls her over, takes the keys, throws her in the back of the squad car, and takes her home.  Has the 4Runner towed.  He gets to my buddy's house, and brings him his daughter, hands him the keys, and tells him how he stopped her from doing anything crazy.  
    My buddy then tells his cop friend, "Dude – what are you doing?  Of course I know she was out joyriding – who do you think she got the keys from ?"
    Google is doing the same thing, IMO.
    When you post content to an article directory, you do it full-well knowing that it's gonna possibly get picked up and syndicated.  That's very likely one of the reasons why you posted it in the first place.
    Well, if you don't give a damn about it being reposted (proper credit given of course), then why the hell does google care?
    Big G needs to quit policing stuff nobody cares about having policed in the first place.

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