There are literally dozens of ways to get ideas for posts you can make to promote your affiliate products

Summary: There are literally dozens of ways to get ideas for posts you can make to promote your affiliate products. Here, we cover a couple very simple yet highly effective methods.

Last time I gave you an idea of how to promote affiliate products in your articles. In the coming lessons you’ll discover how to create specific types of posts, such as “how to” or “case study” posts that promote products.

However, maybe you’re wondering how to get post ideas. Maybe you’re afraid you’ll just plain run out of things to write about, eventually.

No worries! In this lesson and the next you’ll learn how to drum up dozens or even hundreds of post ideas in a matter or a few minutes. Read on.

Read the Table of Contents of Popular Books

If you’re selling an information product, then you can get plenty of post  ideas just by reading the table of contents of the book you’re promoting.

Example: You can turn the topic of each chapter into a post.

Tip: Read the above again – I’m talking about getting inspiration from the table of contents. In other words, don’t use the content itself from the book, as you could get in legal hot water.

And the best part? Just look on – you don’t even have to buy the book in order to get a peek at the table of contents!

Example: Let’s say you’re promoting a dieting book with the following chapters:

  • How Many Calories Should You Eat?
  • What Can You Eat on This Diet?
  • What Foods Should You Avoid?
  • How Much Exercise Do You Need?
  • How Often Should You Lift Weights?
  • How Do You Stay Motivated?

Each chapter is at least one post. For more posts, look at the sub-chapters, too.

Tip: This works even if you’re promoting physical products. For example, if you’re promoting a weight loss supplement, you can still browse the table of contents of popular weight loss books to get post ideas.

Browse the Sales Letters of Popular Products

Instead of looking at a book’s table of contents, read the sales letter. In particular, pay attention to the bullet points, as each bullet point should give you an idea for a post you can write.

Example: A bullet point for a diet book might be: “You’ll discover ten antioxidant-rich foods that taste great and are low-fat!”

BAM! You can create your own post from this one bullet point.

Today’s task: Browse the table of contents and the sales letters of popular products to come up with at least 20 post ideas. Then stay tuned for even more ways to get content ideas tomorrow!


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