The first chapter of the book, Webify Your Business, is an introduction. There is really very little content there and we will not spend much time discussing Chapter 1.

In fact, our very first physical meeting covers Chapter 2.

In that light, then, this page really just serves as an introduction to the entire series of posts that I will be making at Internet Marketing Muscle.

Webify Your Business the book is simply an action plan designed to get you and your business on the internet and then exploit the incredible opportunities that the web has for small businesses.

To get the most out of these lessons (59 of them in all), I encourage you to sign up for the series. It's free, by the way, so there is no obligation and you can opt out at any time.

There is more information at my Webify Your Business page. That's where you get the full instruction on how to sign up and what to expect.

See you there!


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