A new day…a new scandal.

Apparently, now it's the Democrats' turn to screw everything up and keep this Presidential race as close as possible.

(Trump is ahead, by the way, and has been on top in the last 6 national polls.)

Head of the DNC is out (after the convention, of course). Oh, and she was appointed by the Clinton campaign to chair a group…geez, really?

Email leaks all over the place. Apparently, the Russians are behind it. Or aliens. Or the Kardashians. I can't remember.

It's a race to the bottom.

Where the scum of the earth hang out: Lawyers, politicians, and used car salesmen.

I implore you: Race to the top. 

It smells better.

I leave you with this picture of a bear who got his head stuck in an empty jug of cheetohs (who knew they came in jugs?)

bear lasso

Want to read about the silly bear? Click here.



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