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Guest post: Derek Miller is a content marketing consultant for CopyPress, a leading digital content production company, specializing in articles, infographics, interactives, and videos.

Getting your website on the first page of a search engine's results page can significantly increase the amount of traffic that you get. Ideally, you can use that traffic to grow revenue either by selling more products or selling space for ads.

For the most part, the basics of search engine optimization aren't difficult to understand. An SEO campaign can become quite complex, but the underlying ideas are easy to master. As long as you create compelling content that viewers want to share with other people, your site will do pretty well.

Unfortunately, some SEO experts don't use every tool available to them. For instance, a lot of them won't use link building to improve their search ranking. Link building fell out of vogue several years ago, because a handful of companies were using shady practices to improve rankings for their clients. Instead of making great content that other websites wanted to link to, these companies would pay sites for links. It didn't take long for SEO professionals to abandon link building.

The truth is that you can use link building in legitimate ways. It has a bad reputation, but it works well when done professionally and ethically.

Link building isn't the only thing that SEO pros get wrong. Check out the How to Increase Visibility & Improve Your SEO whitepaper and infographic below, created by CopyPress. It will introduce you to some of the most effective ways to boost website performance so you can grow your site's popularity and revenue quickly.

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