How to get your web page crawled fast

I just did a little experiment, and man o man, did it work better than I had anticipated!

How to Get a Post Listed in Google in Less Than 4 Minutes

Here's what I did.

I wrote the post on this site. Here it is — Need a Local SEO in Livermore?

Then, I went to and made a post there, linking to the post above. Here's that post:

How to Get a Post Indexed Quickly by Using

I waited. I'm not a patient man, so I gave it a few minutes before I entered in Google.

Doing this (entering a post's URL in Google's search box) will tell you that Google has spidered your post and has it in their system. It may not get ranked for a time (we'll see–that's a future post!), but the key is to get your pages and posts crawled (or spidered–same thing) and indexed quickly.

I don't know how long it took–I just know it took less than 4 minutes because I made the post at 4:55am this morning, wrote the post linking back to it, then posted that. At 4:59am, Need a Local SEO in Livermore? was listed in Google.

It could very well have been less than 3 or 2 or 1 minute.

Bet you'll go out and try right away now, huh?


Want to Know How I Got A Post Indexed in Less Than 4 Minutes?

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