Free backlinksAs you know, I'm a huge proponent of backlinking. Getting backlinks is the most important and valuable offpage SEO activity you can do for your website.

There are tons of methods to get backlinks, like forum profiles, blog commenting, directory submission, link exchanges, blogging on 3rd-party websites (like, etc.

If you've been here a while (if not, subscribe here), you also know that I don't employ just one method. I use them all! I call it Backlink Diversity (future product alert!)

Anyway, I just was notified of this neat little Firefox plugin called Social Monkee that gets you 25 backlinks a day, free, from different Class-C IP addresses (this is good because all of the backlinks come from very diverse websites).

Of course, Social Monkee works even if you don't use the Firefox browser. It's just a tad tedious if you don't. Fair warning.

Plus, of course, there is an option to upgrade for $47. I'll be honest with you–I'm trying the free version first. If I like it–and it brings results–I'll consider taking the plunge.

But for now, it's the free Social Monkee for me. You should check it out. You really have nothing to lose.


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  • Thanks for the information. I am interested and may try it, but I am a bit leery. It seems if everyone did this Google would get ansy and the links would not be worth much.

  • SocialMonkee is a proven link building service that

    already helps thousands build backlinks to their pages

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    With SocialMonkee, not only can you easily build backlinks

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