October 4

Video Transcripts Help Boost Your SEO, Here’s How – Neil Patel


Researching keywords, optimizing your website, measuring the results, and tweaking your strategy are the fundamentals everyone should take to heart if they want to increase their leads and enhance their conversion rates.

However, we aren’t discussing any of that today.

Instead, I’ll explain how to use video transcripts to boost your SEO efforts.

This method is proven to enhance your search engine optimization, but it’s all the more vital today.

Most surveyed marketers realize how essential using video marketing is. In fact, according to research, 86 percent of businesses use video marketing, and 92 percent state that it’s an ‘important part’ of their marketing strategy.

Use video scripts to boost SEO1

However, if you want to get the most out of your videos, you can take it a step further and use video transcripts to maximize your SEO.

Source: Video Transcripts Help Boost Your SEO, Here's How – Neil Patel


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