verifying your niche idea is a good one
Of course, it's a GREAT idea! It's yours after all.

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How do you know your ideas are any good? What if you have a list of possibilities that’s a mile long?

There’s no reason to worry—I’ll tell you exactly how to narrow your list down so you can choose the niche that’s going to be the best choice for you, today.

First, circle the top three niche ideas you feel pulled toward.

These should be niches you think you have a good chance of success with. They should be popular, exciting niches where there appears to be a lot of sales and activity.

They should also be niches you think you’ll enjoy working in.

Next, it’s time to double-check yourself and make your final decision.

Please don’t feel like this decision is the end-all, be-all.

It’s not!

You can always go with the other niches you found and brainstormed at a later date. But you can’t just sit there and stew over what to choose. You need to make a decision.

You’re a lot more likely to make money if you take action on a so-so niche than you are if you don’t take action at all because you’re paralyzed by thinking you’ll make the wrong choice.

Now then, circle the top niche you’re drawn to out of your list of three.

It’s time to go with your gut. You need to verify that it’s a good niche by confirming its activity and sales potential. You also need to make sure that you can (fairly easily) stand out from the competition that’s already present.

Read the above paragraph again!

Are there blogs and websites dedicated to that topic in droves? If so, confirm that the top blogs have a lot of comments and activity going on. This has to be a REALLY active niche if you want it to earn for you for the months and years to come.

Are there books out there on the topic that are selling well? Are there multiple angles and subtopics these books have covered?

If so,that’s a good sign. The fact that people are releasing books on various related topics signals that this is a viable niche.

You want people to snap up book after book, product after product, in the niche you choose—whether you’re selling your own books or info products or promoting them as an affiliate.

How about info products, specifically? You’re an internet marketer, so it’s a safe bet that you will want to build a list and release your own products within your niche.

In any case, you’ll want to build a list…that’s just smart marketing no matter what your niche is.

What about social media? Are there Facebook groups and business pages surrounding the topic?

Do a search for the niche you’re thinking about and see.

Are there Twitter conversations about the niche? You’re probably going to make use of social media to promote yourself in your niche, so there should be a lot of traffic going on already that you can step in front of.

Takeaway: Your niche will work if a) there are tons of active buyers,  b) there is a bunch of activity on blogs and in books, and c) you are at least very interested in the niche.


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