If you’ve read this entire article series, then you already know about some of the other effective ways to get new subscribers, such as by writing viral reports or doing joint ventures. But these take time – at least a few weeks to get off the ground. If you’re anxious to build your list faster, then pay per click (PPC) marketing is your solution.

If you do a search online, you’ll run into numerous PPC search engines. However, the top service is Google AdWords. You may also consider using Yahoo! Search Marketing and MSN adCenter.

Here’s how to use PPC marketing to build your list…

Step #1: Create a Landing Page

Your landing page is your sales page for your newsletter. This is where you tell visitors why they should join your newsletter list. Since it’s a sales letter, it should include the regular parts of a sales letter such as:

  • Headline

    • Example: “Free Reports Shows You How to Improve Your Golf Swing in Three Easy Steps!”

  • Bulleted list of benefit statements

    • Example: “Use this surprisingly simple tweak to add 25 yards to your drive – it’s easy!”

  • Proof, such as screenshots, pictures, videos and/or testimonials

  • A call to action

    • Example: “Enter your first name and email address in the form below now and click to submit to discover how to improve your game!”

Typically, you encourage subscriptions by offering a bonus, such as a free:

    • Niche ebook or report
    • Video
    • Audio product
    • Access to a teleseminar or webinar
    • Tools, software or other valuable resources

Step #2: Choose Your Campaign Keywords

Next, you need to choose your keywords and how much you’ll “bid” on these keywords.

Tip: Generally, the higher you bid (and the better your ad performs), the higher your ad appears in the search engine results. When someone clicks on your ad, you pay an amount that’s equal to or less than your bid amount.

The key in choosing keywords is to choose specific, targeted keywords that give you an idea of what the searcher wants.

Example: The keyword “golf” is too general. Instead, you might choose more specific search phrases like “step by step golf swing,” “proper way to swing a golf club” and “improve golf swing”

Step #3: Craft a PPC Ad

Next, you need to craft your PPC ad, which consists of a short headline and two short lines of copy. The goal of your ad is to get people to click on the ad, so you should put forth a benefit and, where applicable, arouse curiosity.

Here’s an example:

Golf Swing Secrets
Free report shows you how
to swing like the pros!

Tip: Create at least three or four different ads that you can rotate and test.

Once you’ve finished this first three steps, then you can create an account at the PPC service of your choice and start your first campaign. Finally…

Step #4: Check Your Results

To get the best results, you need to track and test your campaigns. That means you track your keywords, track your different PPC ads as well as tracking variations of your landing page. In other words, you want to find out how to boost your visitor to subscriber conversion rate so that you can build your list more quickly.

Tip: If you’re using AdWords, look for a link in your account to Google’s free tracking and testing tools.


Your next step is to act. Indeed, I suggest you get started right now. You could have your campaign up and pulling in new subscribers to your list by later today!

Next up: Building an Affiliate Army.

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