You may notice a few changes over the next few days to the Products and Services pages–they are no longer visible. Why? Because I am revamping them all. It is–and always has been–my goal to deliver to you only what you need, of high quality, and of reasonable price.

In short, I want to bring you value. Plus, timeliness.

Some of the titles need work to keep up with the times, some just need to be pulled and re-done, but most of all, I am implementing a new sales system that will (hopefully) make visiting and buying from the site all the more valuable and easier to use.

So, in a week's time, I plan on having the Products and Services pages back online. Stay tuned until then. It will be worth the wait. Trust me on this.

In fact, I will be giving away some really cool stuff to subscribers. (HINT: Register) I will be giving away to all subscribers a product a day until I put the Products and Services pages back up, starting Monday (talk about a serious incentive to get them back online and FAST!).

This will not last forever; once the Products and Services pages are back up, the giveaways stop.


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