Read the title again…

Have you ever been in traffic that was nothing but stopped? Seriously!

Well, I guess the web is different. Here's where you want so much traffic that one more visitor would cause your server to keel over and die.

Here's part of an email I just sent to my subscribers. You may find it interesting.

Unstoppable Traffic by Jeff JohnsonWhat is the #1 reason for online business failure?
Or rather, lack of traffic 🙂
And it can be really difficult getting traffic if you have a new website and cannot rank high in the search engines (and only Google, Yahoo, and Bing matter any more) for your chosen keywords.
How are customers EVER going to find you?
There's a "backdoor" that nobody wants you to know about.
In fact, there are literally dozens of ways for you to easily sneak into Google and the others and grab first page rankings.
Well guess what?
Jeff Johnson's testing tells him that these 11 "Unstoppable Traffic" sources are the best.
Check out Jeff's  free  "Unstoppable Traffic" report here:
PS — This is on the house, great stuff video. Jeff only delivers high-quality content. Yeah, he's selling a course on how to do some sophisticated whacky stuff, but you won't find that here. And yes, if you buy the course, I will get a commission. But I really want you to check this out — you can put this to use today. Seriously.
And yes, the video is cheesy. But there are gold nuggets in there. You'd be a fool not to take 15 minutes out of your day to learn this stuff.


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