Trump knows how to divide
Donald Trump's candidacy is a teaching moment

I stole that title. I thought it was brilliant. It got me to read Michael's email.

And, more importantly for the lesson here, it got me to buy.

But not for the reason you may think. I bought because of the offer inside, that really mostly had nothing to do with the headline.

(Marketing tip: Your offer is always the most important thing when selling. Your presentation can be slicker'n dogshit on a rainy day, but get your offer wrong and you won't sell…shit.)

Those of you who know me only through reading my emails don't know that I'm kind of a politics junkie. (If we're friends on Facebook, you would know it. I wear my heart on my sleeve there.)

I love me some good political fodder.

And I'm absolutelyfreakingloving watching the political campaigns and shenanigans of:

  • Trump (It's Yooj)
  • Clinton (I'm talking so I must by lying)
  • Sanders (I'm the little train that probably won't)
  • Cruz (I'm a birther but don't go all birther on me. Oh, and don't drag my wife into this even though I dragged yours into it. Hence, the headline reference above.)

Oh, and all the losers who've already dropped out, like:

  • Bush
  • Kasick (oh, wait, he hasn't dropped out yet, but he may as well)
  • Walker
  • Paul
  • and one Democrat who I can't even remember

But, you may suggest, “I'm not here for politics.”

I'm here to tell you, you should be. Not for policy papers and positions.

But for the marketing lessons you can learn, should you try to glean something from the process.

After all, this is quite possibly the biggest marketing spectacle of all time.

Actually, it is, every 4 years.

Good stuff to look out for. You can learn a lot just by paying attention.

Why do you think Donald Trump is getting all the media coverage, even though he really has no realistic policy positions?

And it's all FREE. He's spent little of his own money yet he's gotten the lion's share of media coverage. How's that for irony (richest guy on stage spending the least money…)?

Trump is in the biggest reality show of his life. And he's the star.

And, get this, he loves to share his poll numbers. (No pun intended, boys and girls. No dick jokes here.). But the poll numbers he'll never share, or even talk about (not to mention nobody will ever ask him about) are his “favorability numbers.”

Know why?

They suck. About 70 percent of Americans just don't like him.

This is an awesome example of how to draw massive attention to yourself, get a small minority of people behind you, and–possibly–ride that bigass wave for as long as you can.

And (Hitler reference coming), that's what Hitler did.

Now, I'm not comparing Trump to Hitler. But what I am saying is that both rode a massive wave of discontent all the way to being the leader of his country.

Despite the statistics, many Americans are disillusioned: The American Dream turned into a nightmare and we still haven't been awaken.

It seems like taxes are going up, freedoms are being lost, and “big government” is taking us for a ride.

A lot of Americans feel that way. I get it.

And Trump is exploiting that discontent. It's smart.

“Make America Great Again” tells us that America once was great and now isn't. Trump wants you to believe he can make the country great again.

Hitler did the same thing, albeit on a much grander scale. Germany was reeling from the repercussions of war reparations (the “Versailles Treaty“). Germans were humiliated by the treaty.

(Not saying they didn't deserve to be punished severely, but note that most Germans didn't really want to take over the world and kill millions of people, commit genocide, and generally be the biggest pricks on the planet.)

The most famous economist of all time, John Maynard Keynes, boycotted the treaty. He wrote a book about it. He thought it “would lead to the financial collapse of the country, which in turn would have serious economic and political repercussions on Europe and the world.”

I'd say that was an understatement.

Anyway, Hitler was no dummy. He fed the fire. He won election.

Many Germans thought he could save them from their misery.

The rest his really really bad history.

Trump is doing the same thing. I don't care what your political persuasion is. You can like Trump or any of the other candidates.

But don't think that isn't what they're all trying to do. Trump's just doing a better job of it with his audience.

Time will tell whether his audience grows big enough (the puns!) to take the Presidency.


Donald Trump

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