Traffic Building Ideas

This is a brainstorm, not necessarily an ordered list of how to bring traffic to your website. It's designed to get you thinking. I'm sure you can come up with a better list!

  • Build backlinks by setting up accounts at different websites that allow you to put up links to your website
  • Comment on other people's blogs
  • Submit your website to Directories
  • Write articles pointing back to your website and submit them to article directories (called article marketing)
  • Join a link exchange
  • Set up a PPC campaign and pay for your traffic
  • Submit useful posts and replies on forums
  • Put your signature with a link back to your website on all your email correspondence
  • Run classified ads
  • Sell physical products on Amazon and eBay for a nominal fee. On that physical product, put your links back to your site
  • Submit your posts to “social media” sites like digg, stumble, reddit, twitter (or better yet, get your friends and business partners to do it)
  • Blog about your site. Make sure an RSS feed is available and prominently displayed on your blog.
  • Squidoo
  • Guest blog
  • Hold a contest
  • Give something away. Within the freebie, place links back to your site
  • Advertise in physical media like newspapers, magazines, flyers, business cards
  • Put video and images on your blogs and website. Search engines like Google love this!
  • Do interviews on radio and television
  • Attend fund raisers and hand out business materials
  • Advertise in ezines
  • Create “viral” reports
  • Write and distribute press releases
  • Make sure your website is optimized for search engines (SEO)
  • Add “tell a friend” scripts to your blogs
  • Answer questions at Yahoo Answers
  • Write a useful post at Google Knol

That's it for now. Let's just say that you have to focus on a few of these and let the others rest for a bit. In order of importance, I'd say the SEO is near the top of the list. Then build backlinks by following the first 5 bullets. Set up a free blog or two and refer visitors of that blog to your website.

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