In an online business, more information is usually better than not enough. Unless, that is, you get all tangled up in the details. Which is easy, because with tools like Google Analytics, there is SO MUCH information and there seems not to be much in the way of easy-to-follow documentation on how to use the tool.

MyBlogLog (an unusual name, for sure) is different. Essentially, you can see 3 things that are very important. It's a tool I use every day.

The 3 things are:

  1. How visitors got to your site
  2. What they looked at when they got to your site
  3. Whether or not they clicked something on your site

To me, it's critically important to find out where a user came from. Most of my traffic comes from search engines, most specifically Google. The cool thing about MBL is that it shows you the exact URL a visitor came from, which means you get to see the search term(s) that a visitor used to get to your site.

This is extremely valuable information.

You can do a lot with just this simple information. For example, you can build a page incorporating that exact search phrase. Then, you can link that new page to the page the viewer visited (link both ways). You can also tweak the original page to target that key phrase. Now, you have 2 potential pages that are reachable by that search phrase.

You now also know what potential customers are looking for. Why not write a short report (that's an affiliate link to an awesome report on how to write short reports that sell) that addresses this most obvious need?

MBL also has a neat social networking aspect to it. Your visitors can join your "community" and you can send public and private messages. You can use this small subset of your readers (face it, not everyone will sign up to join your community) as a test bed for offers, as a way to find out what your readers really want, or a host of other things. The potential is limitless.

You can also connect with your readers by adding them to your contacts. You can quickly amass hundreds of contacts, and you know what? Because all of your sites are posted on your profile page, your contacts see them all and — more importantly — they visit!

MyBlogLog is a fantastic way to accomplish multiple things with one tool: It's a social networking tool, it's a stats package (albeit not fully-fleshed out in the free version, which is the version I use because a) I'm cheap and b) it's all I need for now), and it's a great way to find like-minded individuals who write some incredible blogs.

I encourage you to check it out.

By the way, I get nothing out of recommending MyBlogLog, other than you might happen across my profile and connect with me. There is no financial incentive.


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