Internet Marketing HuckstersYou ever get the feeling that you're being played? Like you're nothing but an open wallet and people want to know you just because they want what's inside that wallet?

I've been feeling that more and more every day. I bet you do feel that way on occasion.

Especially since I began to focus more of my time on internet marketing. I really thought there were some good guys out here. And maybe there are; maybe I just haven't found them yet.

Let me explain.

As an internet marketer, I personally sign up for many lists. You know, I go to a website, sign up for their "newsletter" because I like their stuff or want their "f*ree" giveaway (what the fuck does that mean? Oh, yeah, "free" is a SPAM signal, for whatever reason. Like "f*ree" isn't, right?)

But time after time, I find that the only reason these guys want me on their list is so that they can sell some crappy-ass product to me.

I really don't mind when they offer me something good. Hell, that's why I'm here. Let's be blunt: If you buy my stuff, or the stuff I promote, I make money. I don't want a lavish lifestyle. I just want to pay the damned bills. I try to offer you products and services that will help you make more money, generate more revenue, help you grow either professionally or personally (and they're inter-related, in case you hadn't noticed), or assist you in some way.

Without killing your bank account.

I try to vet out my affiliate offers and only make mention of them if I've either tried them myself or have some concrete reason to recommend them (for example, I recently picked up Magic Submitter, which I have seen work for other people, but for the life of me I cannot get to work for myself — technical issues only, not conceptual failures. But still…I'd be more enthusiastic about it if the damned thing worked for me!).

The stuff I create or convert from PLR — I try to price them such that they are good great values and — again — don't break the bank. If you're unsatisfied, I refund your money. Now, I have to say that I hate "perennial refunders" — folks who buy stuff, download it, get a refund, yet keep using the product. What a waste of human life you are.

But I digress. As I often do 🙂

So today, after getting hammered the last few weeks about shit like AutoMassTraffic (with 9 — count 'em — NINE freaking alternate offers (see Are You Sure?), Zero Down Traffic Blueprint, Google Red Carpet (see Ridiculous Internet Marketing Claims (Number 1 of a Thousand) and 7 Land Mines Under Google Red Carpet?), and other worthless and/or nearly valueless "products" (frauducts?), I'm


Not only am I unsubscribing from all marketing lists, I'm removing my support for a lot of stuff I used to market. Admittedly, it may take me a while to undo all of that, and I may miss a thing here or there. As an affiliate marketer, I have promotions all over the place and if I miss some, tell me about it and I'll rectify the situation as quickly as I can.

Now, the obvious question is this: Am I, Bill Davis, like all the rest?

In some ways, yes! I am here to make money. No doubt about that. But here's where I differ:

  • I will never NEVER boast to you how much money I make. It's none of your damned business and I won't use it to "sell you" anything. Do business with me based on trust, integrity, and honesty. If you find that I don't produce, we can part ways. I assure you that I can help your business grow and profit. If you find otherwise, we'll settle things and go our separate ways.
  • I will never show you screenshots what my ClickBank sales are for the month. Again, it's none of your damned business and the "gurus" only show you that shit to impress you. I bet at least half that stuff is made up anyways. Photoshop, anybody? A 9-year-old could monkey up a credible-looking CB screenshot. I know it takes away from my "awesomeness" when I try to sell a product and I cannot show results, but I'll figure something out that is more credible if I need to. My products and services aren't hypey in the least, so I doubt I would ever resort to that sort of chicanery anyway.
  • I won't market with assholes. And yes, I decide who the assholes are 🙂 Seriously, I will only partner with folks that I respect and whose products I deem worthy. Yes, that's two conditions and they're both required. So if a guy asks me to do a JV and I respect him but his product blows, guess what? I politely decline. If the product rocks but the person is a douchebag, I walk. It's really that simple.
  • I'm not going to participate in many of those "big launches." You know, the Frank Kern, over-the-top crap. I'm not saying I don't like Frank Kern (I don't know him, but I think his act is kind of hokey), but I won't be jumping on any bandwagons. I will admit, it's hard not to join the crowd when there's a fortune to be made, but it's something I'm pledging to refrain from doing right now.
    CAVEAT: If I really like something and I totally respect the product creator, I reserve the right to market it, mention it, etc., but it won't be my MOD (method of operation). I really am here because I want to help you. If I do, I expect to earn a decent living.

So that's it. In a nutshell, I am so disillusioned with the internet marketing crowd and its over-hyped steaming piles of crap that I'm removing myself from marketing lists, re-evaluating my affiliate offers, and will be concentrating on what I have to offer you.

Look for some new tools coming your way as well as some helpful videos, some solid content on business-building, and some more RANTS 🙂


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  • Bill,

    Now that's taking a stand! It's too bad legitimate marketers get caught up in the flotsam and jetsam of these questionable products.

    I'm sure there are a lot of others that feel the same way you do. And I agree 100% with you about how you position and promote your own products.
    For me, I started drifting away from internet marketing because it became some a HUGE business opportunity spiel. I come from the corporate world and that was a real turnoff for me.
    Keep me posted on how things proceed…

    • Sure thing, Marc! Thanks for the comment 🙂 I’m from corporate America, too, and I hated that! Some of these IM guys are worse than the megalomaniac CEOs I dealt with. Sheesh…

  • I hear you man – I did the same thing not long ago.  I've got a select few people I like hearing from, but that's about it.
    That "AutoMassTraffic" dude musta realized he pissed A LOT of people off (I know Linus – the linkwheel guy – did a post/video on it, too).  Read somewhere his number of exit popups has been dropped to 2.  Guy is still a d-bag.
    And you're not gonna work/market w/assholes?  Well…damn.  Guess I'm outta luck, there.  😉

    • @ Matt — Yeah, for me, there’s nobody left 🙂 I may pick up again in the future, but right now, I’m concentrating on my stuff. I know all I need to know right now, y’know? All this chatter is just noise to me.

      As far as work/market with assholes…that’s funny. I don’t consider you to be an asshole. But maybe the feeling isn’t mutual 🙂

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