SMS campaigns have become a popular marketing tactic over the past few years due to the rise in mobile devices. Many companies are realizing that they can reach their audience quickly and efficiently through the use of mobile marketing, and SMS campaigns are one of the most used methods.

SMS is popular because it keeps the marketing strategy simple. SMS is simply text based, so there is no need for code or graphics to be created. Users are limited to 160 characters of text, which forces them to keep the message simple and to the point.

Some people think that an SMS campaign is easy, but just sending out messages to mobile devices is not going to have an impact on your audience unless you do it right. The following are four tips to help you create the best SMS campaign.

1. Choose the right text-in number.

In order to create an audience for your SMS campaign, you need to have an audience sign up to receive your messages. You can do this by letting people sign up on your website or by sending in a text. For this, you will need to create a text-in number. This is the short number that people send their texts to (instead of a phone number).

You have the option of choosing a short code or a long code as well as using a random set of numbers or a vanity code. Make sure you choose the option that is best for your campaign and your budget.

2. Promote your efforts.

Your SMS campaign is not going to be successful unless you create an audience to receive your messaging. For this reason, you need to promote your campaign in order to get people to opt in for it. Place a sign up on your website. Create advertisements and place them throughout your store. Push notifications out through you social media channels. Make sure that your audience knows about your campaign and what they’ll get for signing up for it.

3. Provide value.

Your SMS campaign will only find success if you plan out your strategy and determine what type of value you will give your subscribers. Will you be using SMS to provide your audience with a discount on your products and services? Will you use it to let them know about upcoming events they can attend? You need to determine your purpose, and then give your audience a reason to sign up. If they don’t feel as if they’ll gain anything from signing up to receive your messages, it will deter them from signing up in the first place.

4. Track your success.

You need to make sure that you are tracking your SMS campaign. Take note of the messages that are being opened. If you’re offering a discount, pay attention to those that are redeemed. When you track the success of your campaign, you can learn what tactics and what messages are getting the most results. This way, you can tailor your campaign so that you’re constantly providing your audience with the information they desire.

SMS campaigns are a very popular marketing tactic. Though they’re simple to use, it’s important that you implement the right tactics to ensure that your campaign is a success.

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