Time to Make an Offer

Today is a big day. It's time to make your offer to your potential subscribers.  

Some call it an “ethical bribe.”  

I call it smart. And necessary.  

You can make this easy. Or hard. Your choice.  

Personally, I like easy. I'll tell you how to do this in a moment.  

But first the hard way: Think and think and think. Lament. Delay. Become paralyzed.  

Think: “I don't know what to do!” Or, “I can't write a report.”  

Or whatever. At first, of course you can't.  

THIS is why many people not only never begin to succeed in internet marketing but actually never even start!  

It's because creating a “product” ain't easy. THIS is the hard way.  

Now, let's talk easy.  

That's why I use PLR, or private label rights, material. You buy it from a reputable vendor, gussy it up, modify it to suit you (and by you, I mean your target audience), and publish it.  

This is the easy way. Put your branding on it, make it fit your personality, and put the damn thing out there.  

It could be a small/short report, a checklist, a video. Whatever. Just make sure it's of value to your prospects.  

This is what you'll offer them on your optin page, which we'll talk about shortly.  

You have all weekend. For many (in the US), it's a 3-day weekend.  

Go get it!  

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Any questions, comment.

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