Zero Down Traffic BlueprintI am checking out Zero Down Traffic Blueprint right now and I will give you my thoughts on it in an upcoming post.

You know, it's the one that makes the outlandish claim that the guy started with $1 million in credit card debt, was missing both eyes, had his ear chewed off by an angry hippo while his adopted children watched on in horror…

Only to have "found" this "secret" that now makes him "as much money as he wants at any time."

(Um, I'd like "all the money right now, please.")

More in a few days. It's all video so it takes time to review.

By the way, I feel another rant coming on…can you guess?


Anything longer than about 3 minutes and I'm out. Couple that with endless hour-long (or longer) webinars and boy have you wasted an entire day!

But I digress. Now, back to watching Oprah.

I'm not kidding. One of this guy's secrets is about Oprah. Can't wait to hear all about it. Damn!


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