I have a secret: There are no secrets. Especially in internet marketing.

In fact, if somebody tells you a secret, it ain't a secret anymore. I'd even venture to guess it was never a secret in the first place.

All these hype monsters talking about “secret traffic sources,” for example, aren't telling you secrets. They are selling you secrets.

Once that “secret” is in enough people's hands, it's not a secret anymore. And once it's no longer a secret, it probably won't even work anymore.

That's a fact, Jack.

Once a “secret” is in the wild, if enough people use it (and they will IF the marketing is good enough to sell it), the secret will be exploited and overused.

I've seen it time after time after time after time.

I have a recommendation for you. Two recommendations, actually.

  • Stick with the fundamentals.
  • Run–don't walk–away from so-called “secrets.”

Now, there may be some really effective ways to drive traffic. Maybe using Reddit or Medium or Quora or a dozen other sites.

Maybe there's a “traffic hack” you can use to boost your website visits.

Perhaps you can “newsjack” or create press releases that give you a little (or maybe even a big) boost.

Or, you can resort to “click bait,” where your article titles are full of believable hyperbole that gets people to click through to your article from Google.

NOTE: These “secrets” don't just apply to traffic generation. It could be lead gen, SEO, advertising, or a number of other things that internet marketers “do.”

Now, if you find something that works for you, by all means, DO IT! Tweak it, change it up, check results. If it keeps working, keep working it.

But if these secrets you have discovered do indeed work, keep them to yourself. You can bet your ass (and all your money) that some guru won't be telling you about the good stuff. They keep that to themselves and their “mastermind” members.

What they will be doing is selling you the stuff that's “push-button” easy and that stuffs their bank accounts with dough. They will NEVER, however, sell you the real secrets they've somehow discovered. Most of which, by the way, come by virtue of them building a massive following who parrot their hyperbole until everybody takes it for “truth.”

Take note that nearly everybody sells “trip wire” intro products in internet marketing for $9.95 or $9.97. Seemingly everything has to end in a price of 95 or 97. 99 doesn't work.

Except in retail where it's the norm.

Of course, some dude did a “test” and “it” “worked.” Which proves nothing at scale and is anecdotal in nature.

Nobody will ever sell you hard work and persistence. It's not sexy and nobody wants to do that stuff.


via GIPHY I want “push-button easy peasy, man!”

Just stick to the basics. Create a product (or service) people want. Sell it at a reasonable price. Make more offers. Get leads and prospects on your email list. Follow up regularly.

Automate the stuff you can. Hire people for stuff you can't do yourself.

Rinse. Repeat.

That's the “secret.”


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