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The hits just keep on comin'!

Are you as tired as me of “push button this,” “magic software that?” I'm really effing tired of it.

This is the subject line of an email I got today that sent me over the edge:

The Next Evolution of Auto-Generated Content

Dang it! Really? You mean I'm going to miss all this awesomeness? You mean I don't have to write anything? It writes itself? That is so cool. Wish I could buy the software that does that for me, automagically.

What? I can buy it? Holy crap, I've died and gone to content marketing heaven!

It's only $37 and guaranteed? Oh Em Gee You have got to be kidding me! This is simply awesome. Here's the last line of the super-high-gloss super-hypey sales page:

If you choose to walk away from this amazing offer, then you’re likely going to be stuck struggling and wondering why you have no traffic at all… With Crapid Content Monkey (the name has been slightly altered to make the guilty look even dumber), it’s all smooth sailing to floods of traffic, greater conversions and huge profits! Make the smart choice and start getting a real payoff for all your hard work!

Well, now you went and made me feel bad. I think I'll buy your crappy ass software to stave off the guilt I'm feeling. I need a hug, too.


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