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I'm a huge proponent of creating social media sites that are real. And I'm all for you creating your own Facebook page, Twitter account, and Google+ page.

But there really is nothing worse in social media than having a social media account and not using it. Once you go down the path of sharing quality content with your followers, you really cannot go back to doing nothing. And please don't make the mistake of setting up some social media sites and then never post to them.

Furthermore, if you get comments on your blog, retweets, Facebook likes, etc., make sure that you are seeing this stuff as it happens and RESPOND to it. Don't leave your viewers, fans, friends, and followers hanging. The reason they commented, for example, was to engage you in a conversation.

Social media is all about engagement.

After all, it's not really “social media” without the “social.”

Think about it: In the “real world,” we are social animals. We hang out with friends, spend time with family, shop, eat, and play in public. We are social. It's hard not to be. Social media sites try to mimic the human experience but bring it online. For example, we can “hang out” with our friends on Google. Or we can share photo albums with our friends and family.

All without leaving the house!

But we really don't know that anybody's even watching if they don't leave comments or fail to like or share our posts. So, to say it again, social media is all about engagement.

One thing you must do with all of content is to make it easy to like and share with others. Social media giants like Facebook, twitter, and Google+ have made this very easy; there is nothing you need to do. However, on your own website/blog, you do need to make it very easy and obvious how a reader can like, share, comment, and otherwise engage with you and others.

Once somebody does engage with you, you must respond. At the very least, “like” or “+1” their comment. Better yet, actually write a reply (obviously, where it's warranted). There is nothing worse than throwing something out there, having readers respond, and watching while the original poster never comes back to address any of the comments on his own post!

It's rude and stupid. Most people who read your content will not interact with it unless there is a reason for them to do it! Engaging is voluntary. Do not forget that. If somebody does make a comment, for example, be courteous and respond to it. Sometimes, only a “thank you” is necessary.

But a reply is mandatory.


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  • I am just starting in social media. I have pages on Facebook and Google+. I know next to nothing about Twitter. But my main problem is that after i get a website setup and going,then i tend to sit back and do nothing. I have to make myself write articles and reviews. Whats the best way to get people to visit social pages that i create?

    • The best way to get people to visit your social pages is by constantly letting them know that you have new content. I also tend to “like” or “+1” my content, just to get the ball rolling, then I share my content on my own wall. My friends then have a good chance of actually seeing it.

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